Stephanie is a marketing account manager at our Chattanooga marketing agency.

Account Manager Riverworks Chattanooga TN

Stephanie McKenzie is one of our lovely Account Managers at Riverworks. Hailing from the Atlanta area, Stephanie joined the team with years of design, event planning, and business management experience under her professional belt. A graduate of the University of West Georgia, Stephanie earned a B.S. in Communications with a focus in Marketing and Film Production. In her professional experience, she’s helped pull off large-scale events such as the revered Atlanta Food & Wine Festival and Macy’s Great Tree Lighting.

Steeped in the corporate world of business, she’s really enjoyed the pivot to the more personal atmosphere Riverworks strives to create for both clients and team members alike. An INFP through and through, Stephanie presents with a passion for relationship building and a head for good business practice that fuels her daily work. Her good spirit and affinity for cheer make her a delight for our team to work with, and beyond that– win her near-instantaneous favor with each new client she adds to her growing list of accounts.

“Relationship building is everything. When you take time to get to know your clients– their goals, their concerns, their likes, and dislikes– it makes anticipating their needs and understanding how they operate so much easier. We all have different manuals we are living by, and being intentional about relationship building makes delivering a successful project so much simpler.” –Stephanie

Stephanie’s love for marketing is rooted in its power to create connection. “To me, marketing at its core is about finding commonalities in people and connecting them,” she said. “Whether that be with a product, a service, an event, a campaign– It’s about creating connection, and making people feel something.”

Her approach to project management is centered around organization. “It’s all about lists, whiteboarding, email tags– whatever works for you, self-discipline, and communication,” she said. “I’m big on time blocking, and believe that you can only truly focus on one thing at a time.”

Stephanie appreciates the all-hands-on-deck approach the Riverworks team takes in relation to marketing projects. “The whole team has a collective creative spirit and energy that is undeniable, and we all strive to perform the best for our clients,” she said. “At its core, this company cares, and that makes all the difference.”

Outside of Work

When she’s not planning trips or squeezing in off-the-cuff day excursions to places nearby, Stephanie can be found at home with her two cuddly kitties, Tobin and Mia. A self-proclaimed connoisseur of music, she’s an expert curator of playlists sure to hype ya, and also enjoys kickboxing and Asian cuisine. If you wanna make her incandescently happy, hand that gal a bowl of pho.

Our entire marketing team at Riverworks is so grateful to have Stephanie on board, and we look forward to creating magic together on behalf of our clients for the foreseeable future. She’s the extra cheese to our pizza.