Your website is your first impression. Your home base. Your internet handshake.

At Riverworks, we understand and champion the elements of good web development & design.

If you have any doubt as to the effectiveness of your website— or need a digital presence — Riverworks is happy to help. We’ll begin with an initial consultation where we learn about your business, identify the goals of the website, understand your target audience, learn what your competitors are doing, and more.

During this discovery period, we’ll determine the scope of your website build, and what services you’ll need assistance with, ie. copywriting, photography, Search Engine Optimization, and so forth. You will be given a quote to match your budget, and once approved, we’re off to the races!

Web Design

Each custom website we build is wholly unique; however, there are a few sure things you can count on from a Riverworks website:

  • In-House Design– Every website is designed in-house, giving you full access to the creative minds charged with bringing your vision to life.
  • Mobile Optimized– Every Riverworks website is built to be screen-size responsive, and optimized for mobile phones. That’s standard, with no additional cost.
  • Editable– Our sites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress so, with a little bit of training, you and your team can make website updates yourselves if you choose to do so.
  • Complete Ownership– Once the site is completed, you have full ownership. There will be no subscriptions or ongoing fees.
  • Totally Secure– Your website will be secure if you choose to host with us. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a global standard security measure, comes standard on every RWM site.

Web Development

Web development is the actual coding that makes your website work. When building a website, you need both web design and web development.

We take the mockup our web design team creates with you and translate it into a coding language that can be displayed on the web. This coding makes your website functional, which often means custom-coding widgets and other tools.


Your prospective customers who search the web for your business and find nothing might think you’ve gone out of business. If they search and find a broken website, they’ll get the impression that your product isn’t cared for. Make every touchpoint that begins on your website a great one by getting your web development done right.

Website Hosting

It’s not always easy to find the best web hosting service that will work for your business on your own.

You’re probably looking for a web hosting provider that offers security, but performs seamlessly. You’ll need dedicated customer support and virtually no downtime. We at Riverworks Marketing are here to help cover all bases.

Website hosting is billed quarterly and includes daily backups, SSL certificate, and state-of-the-art high-security servers.