Because first impressions are everything.

Whether you are starting your company’s branding from scratch or simply need a refresh, our team can help guide you through this abstract, and sometimes arduous process.

We start with a brand session, during which we’ll help you articulate the who, what, when, and why of your business while researching your competition and finding points of differentiation we can play to.
If one session is enough, we’ll dive right into the graphical weeds: logos, letterhead, websites, interior design help, and more. If it takes more than one session, that’s okay too! When it comes to a thorough brand examination, we’re all in, because this will be a critical component of all your marketing efforts to follow. It’s important that we get this part right, and that takes time.


What’s in a name? A lot, actually.
Settling on a name for your business can be a daunting task. Regardless of what Shakespeare thought, there’s a lot in a name. It should be equal parts communicative and catchy. It should speak to your mission or the goods and services you provide. It should be you. And a lot goes into brainstorming, narrowing down, and selecting the perfect name for your brand or business.

The first step, after your business proposal, will likely include market research, professional advice from trusted sources, and competitor deep dives. All of these factors come into play when you’re selecting a name for your new (or rebranded) company, and our team happens to excel at this. In some cases, we even work in adjunct with your law time. While we never claim to be a supplement for a copyright attorney, we can help you answer the questions about how you want to present your business to the public, and advise on how to succinctly name your business or brand to present exactly as you wish to to the public.


A start-to-finish brand story
All the elements of a brand work together to make up what we call a brand identity, and we believe that each detail should be thoughtful and intentional. From your logo to the colors and typography used for your assets to your tone of voice in marketing messages, each piece is a line in the overall brand story. Our team exists to help you tell that story remarkably. What does your branding communicate to customers?

Uncovering brand identities is a niche we enjoy and excel in. Depending on the size of your company, this process may include your whole staff or several members of your team, and can help us to refine your brand voice, company goals, etc. and is a great first step before rebranding, a new website, etc. (and can help cut time and obstacles in our future endeavors. Great way to realign a team, and recenter company values, goals, and relationships.

Market Positioning

What do you have to tell the world?
Your message– what do you have to offer, and what do you want to say about it? Your business’s messaging is everything. Our team at Riverworks can help you hone in on what your key marketing messages should be, and we can help tailor them to land well with your target audience. Your “messaging” is more than just words on an ad or newsletter. It’s about the feelings associated with what’s being said, and how you communicate with the world about your business, products, and services. It’s about making an impact.

Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses across virtually every industry, and we have the chops to help you artfully set yourself apart from your competition. It all starts with the right message. What will yours be?


No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our many years of experience means we’ve pretty much seen and done it all. From campaign rollouts and grand openings to exponential growth that needs to be harnessed or even a bump in the road, our RWM business consultations serve to help you think critically about your business, strategize, and renew. With our talented team of 12 business professionals, all the best in their fields, we ensure you will have the perspective to tackle whatever comes your way.