The purpose of all this hard work is to grow your business.

Grow with our Chattanooga Marketing Company

People Googling for information on hotels in your area, find your website and book online. A Facebook fan recommends your business when a friend is looking for a new vet. Someone on your email list receives a newsletter with a hot deal and takes advantage of the promotion. Someone following your blog decides to engage you because they are impressed with what you have to say.

Much of this growth behavior can be tracked. Analyzing this data allows us to enhance your strategies to produce more growth. And utilizing multiple tools allows you to expand the impact of each campaign and increase the overall impact of your online presence, online reviews via reputation management and consumer awareness. Maximizing growth behavior accelerates growth.


Google Analytics

Website analytics refers to the process and results of measuring the activity on your website. The information gained from the use of website analytics programs gives you valuable feedback about the source of your referrals, the characteristics and browsing behavior of your visitors and the performance of your website on your key variables.

Reputation Management | Online Reviews

Ever wonder what is being said about your business, products or services on the internet? Our Chattanooga internet marketing company can search the online world for mentions of your business and design custom reports for you to review on a weekly or monthly basis. Responding to negative comments as close as possible to their origination and attempting to resolve the problem can earn big points with online consumers. You can turn a negative into an example of responsible business behavior that attracts customers. We can also help you distribute your press releases and other news items to maximize their impact and attract visitors to your site.

Google Analytics


The great thing about internet marketing is that everything is trackable. Google Analytics can tell us how many people came to your website, where they came from, and how they got there. Results for email newsletters show how many people open the newsletter, who they are and what links the user clicked on. Social media can be tracked by number of followers, analytics on facebook websites, and Facebook interactions. PPC campaigns can be measured by clicks and conversions, and SEO can be measured by rankings.

Riverworks Marketing Group prefers to work with each of our clients by providing detailed reports each month.

Web Analytics & Reporting


The Riverworks Reporting System is the foundation for deciding which elements of the strategy need to be tweaked or revised.

By analyzing, reporting and enhancing your overall performance on a regular basis, your conversion rates will increase leading to sales growth.