Our marketing agency had a blast with this restaurant website design.

Acropolis is known by many as the best locally-owned Chattanooga restaurant and bar near Hamilton Place. Chef and owner Teddy Kyriakidis has since passed away, but his family continues to carry on his love of Greek cooking and the tastes of Athens. We are honored to help them with their restaurant website design.

Since 1951, the Kyriakidis family has managed to bring a taste of Greece to Chattanooga with their Acropolis Four Stars Grill. An experience that truly encapsulates the atmosphere and flavors of the Mediterranean, they meticulously imported some of the finest wines from Greece and kept cooking their signature dishes as they began in 1995. Today, this rich history is still alive, and Acropolis’ relaxed vibe, coupled with its rich, generous portions of classic Greek dishes, keeps locals coming back. Although slight renovations have been made over time, the spirit and ambiance of authentic Mediterranean cuisine remain.