There’s nothing quite like the comfort of fresh Mexican food, and these Chattanooga restaurants serve only the freshest Mexican cuisine. With their handcrafted food newsletter, we share favorites from creamy queso and crunchy chimichangas to savory enchiladas and terrific tamales.

Amigo is Chattanooga’s go-to spot for authentic Mexican cuisine. From creamy queso to savory enchiladas and crunchy chimichangas to delectable tamales, every dish is cooked fresh daily and made with the freshest ingredients. Amigo is proud to be part of the local community and they take great pride in sharing their menu of mouthwatering recipes each day. More than just a business, Amigo wants you to experience the joy of having a home-cooked meal away from home. So come on down and let them serve a taste of Tex-Mex cuisine that goes beyond your wildest tastebud expectations!

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