Nestled in the northwest mountains of Georgia lies Trenton, a destination city for adventure tourists wanting a respite in the natural beauty of trails, waterfalls, and cave networks. With its proximity to the larger city of Chattanooga, Trenton represents a liminal space where travelers can enjoy picturesque views during the day and city life during the evening. Appalachian A-Frames is providing a space for those travelers with their remote A-frame cabin retreat. Seated high on a bluff with views of the Lookout Valley, their minimalistic yet artfully curated A-frames are the ideal getaway for adventure-seekers.

When Appalachian A-Frames approached us for their logo design, we knew this project would need to emulate the blissful serenity of the Appalachian mountains. By choosing a playful font with a hunter green background depicting the mountain landscape, their new logo balances minimalism and whimsy while evoking nostalgia and an appreciation for the great outdoors.