Sugar & Butter Lovers makes delicious, individually wrapped donuts that are more than just a treat – they are a catalyst for happiness and shared moments of joy. Our design team recently took on the special task of creating a landing page for Sugar & Butter Lovers that would emulate the happiness garnered by their signature Sugar Glazed Heaven Donut.

What resulted is a landing page that matches the transcendent taste of their donuts in each scroll. The logo graphic features a darker shade of gold in the center, creating the effect of a freshly baked pastry. The whimsical yet clean font provides the perfect amount of charm to the design. As you scroll through the landing page, the cloud graphics rise as if you were ascending to Heaven – exactly how tasting the Sugar Glazed Heaven Donut makes you feel. With this new landing page, Sugar & Butter Lovers will engage new and existing customers with an interactive and informative design while they search for an irresistible snack for their micro-markets, vending machines, and more.