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If the proof is in the pudding, just grab a spoon.

When you pour a lot of energy into your marketing campaigns, you’ll certainly want to know how things are going. That’s why our team uses the latest technologies and stellar reporting tools to measure and track the success of our efforts, tweaking approaches and improving strategies when necessary based on direct results as well as emerging industry trends.

So you’ve sent your ads out into the world to do their thing. Of course, you’ll want to check in on them after the fact. How are they performing? Well, if you run any type of ads with Riverworks, you can expect to get consistent and thorough performance data feedback from your account manager. We analyze and look to this data to drive our efforts due north. In other words, we strategize based on the hard numbers providing clients with what we call “data-driven strategy.” Google Analytics and Data Studio, SEM Rush, and monthly reports are the means, and the result is rock-solid evidence for the success of your advertising campaigns.

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The Sewanee Review
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Founded in 2006, our marketing company is one of Chattanooga’s original and longest-standing digital agencies. We attribute our great success to our business-focus and customer service.

Business & Audience Analysis

We have an amazingly talented team that is known for super responsive customer service, creative graphic and web design and innovative digital strategy using the latest technologies.

Campaign Strategy

We’ve had the opportunity across the United States who often say our team makes them feel like they are the only one, regardless of their size or budget.


We reach millions of online users each month for our clients through digital marketing strategies, including web design, SEO, Google AdWords, social media management, email newsletters, reviews, and more.