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Our Team

Meet our Chattanooga online marketing team. Learn more about them by clicking the link below.

Jackie Errico

Jackie Errico

Owner & Marketing Strategist

Steve Errico

Steve Errico

Owner & Marketing Strategist

Tiffany Hutton

Rachel Ward

Director of Organizational and Business Development

Jessica Kilts

Jessica Kilts

Art Director and Designer

Jimmey LeBlanc

Blake Jones

Director of Web Development

Kristen Camden

Cory Horn

Social Media Specialist

The Riverworks Marketing Process

Riverworks Marketing Group has a 6 step process we use to develop & execute marketing plans for our customers. Following the Riverworks Process ensures we’re finding the most effective marketing solutions for our clients both online and through traditional advertising.

IdentifyStep 1 involves identifying and documenting the key attributes & marketing concepts for your business. Our discovery process leads to a description of key elements such as your target audience, customer value proposition, competitive position and key marketing messages. This helps us communicate the best messages to the right consumers.
Based on your brand identity and your business goals, we develop strategies to connect you in meaningful ways with your target audience. We evaluate alternatives based on your target audience and characteristics of your messages and recommend those techniques we believe will produce the best return on your investment.
CreateThe strategies we create will dictate what online sites, print material, & imagery are required. Almost all online strategies require a website or landing pages. But they may also call for social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as email newsletters or survey forms. We use familiar & consistent imagery and messaging to maintain easy brand recognition.
ExecuteWhen the platforms are built, the connection activities outlined in the strategy can begin. We monitor activities closely to be responsive to consumer requests and to identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level.
AnalyzeWe call the consumer activities that lead to growth in your company, growth behavior. We track and analyze growth behavior to understand what’s encouraging this behavior and to determine what we can do to increase it. We produce reports that document key performance metrics so everyone can understand what’s happening and contribute to the success of the campaigns.
AdjustOnce we have enough information to analyze, we make alterations to our marketing plans. These adjustments can include every aspect of the campaigns including strategy revisions, website changes, or adjustments in how we deliver campaigns. These changes lead to more results, which are analyzed and the cycle of continuous improvement goes on.

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the many reasons to choose us as your online marketing “first mate”.

1. We Care

We treat your business objectives as if they were our own and choosing us as a marketing partner means we are fully committed to your success… and it shows.

2. Business Oriented

We aren’t techno geeks or design snobs with no practical foundation. We speak your language and live in the real world. You will enjoy talking to us about your business.

3. Fresh, Professional Perspective

We can help you look at your business in new ways and are creative in developing campaigns that present your message effectively and efficiently.

4. Measurements that Matter

We use a disciplined, measurement based approach and sustained feedback to insure you are informed about the progress of your online marketing strategy and when changes are needed.

5. Practical Objectives

Our websites and marketing campaigns begin with the end in mind and utilize an efficient approach that leads to timely and affordable projects that accomplish your objectives.

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