You’ve created your business. Now it’s time to create your identity.

Branding, Web Design, Marketing Strategies, Logos, and More!

This creation phase of your marketing program is the foundation for all your activities and the branding thoughts you create are the reference points to insure your communications are consistent and properly targeted. Your website is the home for all of your internet marketing activities in cyberspace. It is the bottom of the sales funnel and hosts the critical messages, functionality and images that are vital to your identity & business goals. Your website design from our Chattanooga team is crucial to all of your internet activities.

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Your brand is not tangible and objective or something you can control. It exists as a group of thoughts in the minds of your customers and people who know about your business. You can allow this group perception to emerge on its own or you can choose to influence the process by consciously developing a brand. This conscious process is what we refer to as branding.

Our branding process involves identifying and documenting the key attributes of your business. We help you express your core values, personality, competitive position, unique features, and significant commitments. We also want to understand your target audience and become familiar with their problems, motivations, and goals as it relates to your products and services.

Once we understand these key attributes and your target audience we can craft messages and create images that are consistent with your brand that speaks directly to your customers. You can also identify the business behaviors and policies which reinforce your brand and adjust those that conflict. A consistently projected brand will differentiate you from the pack and elevate the purchasing process beyond price. You will have established a strong foundation to begin the development of your marketing strategy.

You will be aligned with the thinking of the great Greek philosophers, know thyself.

Branding Chattanooga includes Logo Design, Website Design, Print Design and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is the plan we use to accomplish your business and sales objectives by connecting your products, services and related images and messages to your target audience. The techniques we choose are dependent on many factors including your business type, sales process, brand attributes, time frame, budget and target audience characteristics. Combining the right message and imagery to intersect with a prospect when they are most likely to be receptive to your communication is the essence of great planning.

We’ve all been contacted by telemarketers or email messages claiming great success on specific techniques such as SEO or social media. We believe there are distinct advantages to coordinating through proper strategy and not using this one off approach.

  • You can coordinate different techniques to support one another and increase effectiveness.
  • Planned effort is more efficient and will result in less cost.
  • You insure your efforts are directly linked to your business and sales goals.
  • Your online activity supports your brand.
  • Your results are tracked and compared to the plan and constantly adjusted to improve your ROI.
Brand Strategy

Website Design & Graphic Design

Website Design

It all begins with your website, your online home. It’s usually the first place someone goes when they hear about you and take interest in your product or service. You want a website that quickly presents your company in a favorable light and helps people learn more about what you have to offer. Presenting an opportunity for your visitors to take action is an added bonus and can turn your site into a lead-generating, selling-machine.

The “Riverworks Web Design Process” leads the pathway for our clients to enjoy both a beautiful, fully responsive design and increased conversions when paired with digital strategies to increase online visibility. Our web design portfolio showcases solutions for local, national and international/full spectrum industries. We have created websites for restaurants, hotels, dentists, veterinarians, doctors, professional services, contractors & home services, manufacturing, foodservice, retail stores and more. In most cases, RWM handles the full design and development process in-house with our creative, highly-skilled staff.

  • Fully Responsive so the website looks great on all sizes of screens and devices.
  • Sites Built with a Content Management System (CMS) so your staff can easily make updates.
  • You have full ownership of your website once we receive the final web payment.
  • Sites designed to optimize leads and for ease of users.
  • Web Hosting and Email Hosting available.

Logo Design

Riverworks Marketing Group has talented graphic designers who can positively shape the perception of your business with a professional, quality design in a creative, simple format. Our logo design process includes identifying your preferences in logo styles, font types, colors, and we can assist with taglines if needed. We package these ideas into conceptual designs which are tweaked to become your final logo.

High Gain Wireless Graphic Design

Graphic Design

It is often important to reach out to consumers using many channels of communication. Sometimes this includes print media. Riverworks Marketing Group, LLC, Chattanooga, TN, offers a complete range of design services to help create your graphic identity or complement your online marketing campaigns. These graphic designs include:

Business Cards, Brochures, Rackcards, Billboards, Print Ads, Magazines, Booklets, Postcards, Mailers, Folders, Menus, and so much more!