Easy Bistro is an excellent restaurant in Chattanooga’s revitalized West Village, near where Riverworks Marketing is headquartered, so we were thrilled to design their website.

When Erik and Amanda Niel opened Easy Seafood in Chattanooga’s West Village in 2005, they were driven by a passion for incredible food and a love for the hospitality industry. As two young, inexperienced restaurateurs – just 26 and 24 years old – opening a restaurant was certainly a risk but one that paid off over time. Now known as Easy Bistro, the Broad Street location still offers an impressive array of seafood dishes and gives the couple’s established culinary presence in Chattanooga – Easy Bistro and Main Street Meats – a home to continue developing their craft. The Niels’ commitment to providing an exceptional experience has not gone unnoticed throughout the years, elevating them as leaders in the local dining scene.