The School Neuropsychology Institute is managed by Kindergarten Interventions and Diagnostic Services (KIDS), Inc. which started as an educational test publishing company. The purpose of this website is to provide school psychologists and psychologists, who work with children, with information about school neuropsychology and to provide high-quality continuing education resources, and we were determined for their logo to reflect that professionalism.

The School Neuropsychology Institute aims to improve the knowledge, skills, and efficacy of individuals working in pediatric neuropsychology. It provides an extensive range of educational programs, therapeutic materials, and resources tailored for school psychologists and other mental health professionals who serve children.

Additionally, the institute conducts research to examine the effects of neuropsychological variables on learning processes, behavior, and cognition in a school setting. With its high-quality resources and continuing education opportunities, the School Neuropsychology Institute is an invaluable asset in school psychology.