The Riverworks Process

We’ve been at this for a while, and we’ve developed time-tested methods along the way.

Our team believes that planning and process matter, and we’ve created a successful strategy used by our marketing strategy consultant that helps us ensure our efforts drive results.

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The Riverworks Process

Six Steps To Success

  1. Discover

    First, our marketing strategy consultant will get acquainted with your brand. Who are you? What do you do? Our discovery process leads to a description of key elements such as your target audience, competitive points of difference, customer value proposition, competitive position, and key marketing messages.

  2. Strategize

    Based on your brand identity and business goals, our team will develop strategies to connect you to your target audience in impactful ways, employing techniques we believe will produce the best return on your investment.

  3. Create

    The marketing strategies established will dictate the digital and print materials necessary to best deliver your messaging, and our creative team will work their magic to create custom materials for this very purpose. From websites to landing pages to digital ads to newsletters, logos, and brand work, we will tell your story creatively and cohesively across platforms.

  4. Deploy

    Now it’s time to put these strategies and creative materials out into the world to do their work for you. We bring the campaigns to life, executing them on whatever platforms make sense for your target audience.

  5. Analyze

    We track and analyze growth behavior, producing reports and documenting key performance metrics to illustrate the success of our campaign efforts. In short, when we figure out what works and how we can do more of just that for your business.

  6. Adjust

    Along the way, we adjust our marketing strategies and efforts based on these analytics. We do whatever is necessary to produce the best results, which requires us to be ready and willing to tweak things from time to time. The result is a continuous cycle of improvement.