Remarketing Ads To Target Your Prospects

We’re sure you’ve experienced this yourself already: You browse a product you’re thinking about buying, but for whatever reason, you abandon your online shopping cart without making a purchase (this happens about 70% of the time). Maybe you wanted to comparison shop first. Maybe you were on the fence about whether to spend the money right then and there. Later, visiting other web pages with banner ads, you notice that very same product is advertised. You do a Google search and BAM! There it is again…

No, it’s not an amazing coincidence. It’s happened because of something called “remarketing”, also known as “retargeting”.

Where ReMarketing Campaigns Begin

Let’s presume you are a company offering a product and you’ve come to Riverworks Marketing looking for ways to convert more of your web traffic into actual sales. That’s why you have a website to begin with, right? Google Remarketing aims to bring people back to your website and convert them into a sale after they’ve initially failed to follow through on buying something.

The first step is setting up Google AdWords, an online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service that enables brands to compete to display brief ad copy to web users in Google Display Ad campaigns. This form of online advertising reaches an audience of potential customers when the display ads are shown in search results based on the keywords that are typed into web searches to find relevant results.

Remarketing ads
Once you’ve grown that campaign and potential customers start clicking on your display ad to go check out your website — maybe intending to buy something while they’re there — you gain the ability to keep in front of them if they end up leaving your website instead of following through. We install a special piece of code on your website and link to your Google Adwords account to make all of this possible.

What Can Riverworks Do?

While this may seem like a complicated process, Riverworks has earned official designation as a “Google Trusted Partner”. Our agency can advise you on how to best promote the products and services on your website, plus have a more effective site strategy overall.

This is what we do: Help you take advantage of additional opportunities to grow your base of customers and persuade more of them to buy from you.

ReMarketing is About Creating Second or Third Chances to Buy

You’re actually doing these buyers a favor by better catering to their unique interests and needs as consumers. Advertising can be somewhat of a nuisance if it promotes something they could care less about, but brands like yours gain the ability to direct them to relevant products and services they’ve actually already considered buying.

Most websites will only convert about 2% of the people who initially visit them to have a look around. Google Retargeting gives you additional opportunities to keep your brand in front of this bounced traffic after they’ve left. If they do eventually decide to make that purchase, you’ve made it easier for them to buy it from you. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition to Google Ad Words products, Facebook offers a version of remarketing called “Facebook Pixel” that turns the social network into a display ad platform for your brand (we’re sure you’ve seen those ad spots too, right beside your personal news feed while checking in to see what your friends and family are up to). You can do some pretty useful things based on the interests and demographics of the Facebook users you specifically want to see your ad, which we will cover in our next blog.

How to Make This Work for You…

We’d love to sit down with you and explain in more detail how remarketing can help your business grow. Call us at 423-710-3866 or complete the Contact Us Form and Steve or Jackie will respond within a couple of business days. Some other really cool things we can do include…

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