5 Steps to Follow for a Successful Logo

When it comes to branding, a quality logo is one of the most important aspects of a brand’s identity. At Riverworks Marketing, we have worked with numerous businesses to develop logos that not only catch the eye of potential consumers but also work to capture the spirit of a brand visually. Your mark will evoke a subconscious message about what your customers can expect from your relationship, so it’s important to make sure the message they get is the one you mean to communicate. In today’s blog post, we want to cover a few of the components that we keep in mind when coming up with effective logos for our clients.

Keep it Simple

Major companies such as Target, Apple, FedEx, Amazon, and National Geographic have been able to effectively leverage a simple logo design to represent their brand at a glance. In the world of logos, simple designs are easier to remember because most consumers only focus on a particular logo for a short period of time. Simple logos highlight the most important aspects of a brand’s personality within the limited real estate that logos typically occupy. In order to be effective and simple, the best logos distill an idea into its simplest form. Throughout history, symbols have been able to convey a mental association with a particular set of values or ideas–a concept that has carried over to effective logo design. The question to ask yourself is “what mental association do I want people to have when they think about my brand?” Answering this question clearly and honestly is the foundation to finding a fitting direction for your brand.

Make it Relevant

When designing logos, we always make sure to keep it relevant. This means that we take the time to make sure that a logo resonates with the market that a client is targeting and that the logo clearly communicates a brand’s identity and personality. Leveraging specific colors in a logo’s design is a great way to make sure that the logo is conveying the right feeling to the target audience. Basic color theory and your subconscious color association comes into play when selecting brand colors for different industries. For example, a company that is selling medical equipment may want to stay away from reds and yellows which seem dangerous, while a company that is focusing on special event equipment rental will likely find greater success with a vibrant, energizing colorway. On top of this, choosing the right symbol and font is pivotal to great logo design because the logo will come to be associated with the perception of the brand.

Strive for the Right Look

Some logo designs are tailored to momentary fads, and this will suit certain companies, products, or services. Others aim to exude stability and tradition with a timeless look. Design trends are ever-changing and you want to be sure your logo is saying the right things, so it is important to make sure that your logo is styled appropriately. While it is tempting to choose a logo style based on personal preference, your brand may be more suited by a logo design in another style. As an example, Coca-Cola began using its current script logo with the large pair of C’s on its first labels as far back as 1890. The logo has evolved a bit over the years but overall it is a timeless mark that continues to be a powerful logo for one of the world’s top brands. This has made them seem rich in history and—conscious or not—gives the feeling that they value tradition. Logos that are timeless feel traditional; logos that incorporate fads feel edgy and current. Keeping your brand focused on the right direction will ultimately make it a more successful logo.

If People Don’t Remember a Logo, it Isn’t Doing its Job

One of the most important goals of a logo is to be memorable. When consumers can easily recall the logo of a brand, they are more likely to connect with a company. Logos that people remember will help produce a strong impact and cause a brand to stick in the consumer’s mind. A memorable logo perfectly balances a brand’s personality and tone and offers something for the viewer to “get.” It is also important to remember that a memorable logo is one that strives to be unique. Most industries have common themes for design, and it’s good to be aware of those themes when you choose to follow suit or choose to break those themes with purpose and intentionality.

Make it Scalable

The last thing to consider when making a logo is the versatility of the design. A logo that can only be used in one application, say online, is not as effective as a logo that can be used through multiple channels: online, in print, embroidered on hats, projected on a screen, wrapped on a vehicle, etc. In order to be visible to the world, companies need to make sure that their logo can be enlarged or reduced in size on different forms of media. When designing a logo, we make sure that the logo translates easily across multiple media platforms at various sizes. A complicated, detailed design will scale poorly. By keeping things simple we help our clients to say more with less.

If you would like to learn more about our logo designs or you are interested in our logo design services, please reach out through our website or call us at 432.710.3866. Our team of talented designers have years of experience crafting quality brands and we’re certain that we’ll be able to develop a logo that not only perfectly represents your brand, but one that your customers will remember.