Riverworks Creative Director

It’s that time again, folks, and for this month’s employee spotlight, we want to introduce you to our Creative Director, Amy Price. Hardworking, diligent, and strategic as all get out, Amy is a master at keeping all the plates in the air. She earned her BFA in graphic design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she worked as an undergraduate research assistant and also worked on the award-winning 2011 graphic design team for UTK’s entry into the Solar Decathlon. Amy oversaw the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Knoxville Student Chapter as President while studying at UTK.

Becoming Creative Director

After graduation, Amy worked in-house for the Ruby Tuesday headquarters as a graphic designer, where she created interactive training, web, and print materials for their 800+ restaurants. Amy’s next career move brought her to Chattanooga and specifically to Riverworks, our Chattanooga Marketing Agency, where she serves as Creative Director extraordinaire.

“I started at Riverworks in 2013 as a junior graphic designer. I was here for a couple of years when it became clear that I had a knack for seeing others’ strengths.” Amy said.

In The Role

A stickler for processes and efficiency, Amy keeps the team walking a line– ensuring consistency and quality in each and every project. She’s an executor, and fiercely productive, inspiring the rest of the team to follow suit with cohesive, successful projects always as the end result.

“The most important part of my role is being a champion for the talents of our team. I acknowledge everyone’s unique skill sets and interests, and then match them to projects they’re going to excel at and be most engaged by. If a designer really loves package design, I give them those projects. If a designer is really analytical and good at sorting out complicated, messy projects, I give them those projects. When people are doing what they like and are good at, then they give 110%. I don’t ever have to micromanage a project because the person I’ve assigned to the job IS the best person for the job. They are going to knock it out of the park,” Amy said.

Outside of Work

Cat lady to the core, Amy, is cat mom to two sweet kitties, Oliver and Leonard. She’s also one tough cookie– a skateboarding, dirt-biking baddie who isn’t afraid of a challenge or a little danger. She often spends her free time outdoors with her husband, Scott, finding new trails to shred on their bikes. Amy also loves to create (duh), and she’s really talented with an embroidery needle. Taking a more modern approach to needlework, Amy is always stitching up gorgeously intricate and unique wall hangings, inspired by her graphic design background. We’re super lucky to have her on staff, and we appreciate the productive atmosphere she helps to cultivate for our team.