As Gandalf said, “All good stories deserve embellishment!” and it is with that in mind we present AN UNEXPECTED EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT on Brock Ward

In the town of Hixson there lived a boy. Not a big city with more people than land and all the foods of the world, nor a small country town with one stoplight and a single market shop: it was Chattanooga, and that means family.

By some curious chance the boy, who was named Hunter, was elected to be called Brock– his middle name and mother’s family name. I suppose Brock may need some description nowadays, since some people may not have encountered the likes before. Brock sometimes has a beard. Brock has a red hue to his hair, and was bald for the first few years of his life. He likes to wear funny clothes, and enjoys comfy shoes (neatly brushed) and a nice wrist watch. Brock is funny, and good with words. Brock is inclined to video games, reading, pop-culture, and is committed to cultivating quality friendships and has generally good relations with his co-workers and family. If you had heard only a quarter of what I have heard about him, you would be prepared for any sort of remarkable tale.

He had been away over in Knoxville, Tennessee, across the mountains on business (studying playwriting) at the University of Tennessee of Knoxville until his move to Chicago, Illinois to pursue his dreams of becoming a playwright. There were many paths that led up into those great lakes, but most of those paths lead him to copywriting and wordsmithing for the likes of The Second City and the Chicago Transit Authority.

Through a turn of events, Brock found himself in his hometown of Chattanooga and is on his greatest adventure yet! “Victory, after all, I suppose! Well, it seems a very positive business.” Brock likes the work– the writing, and the clients; the pace and the variety, and he likes the friends and family atmosphere at Riverworks, which reminds him of his own family. Riverworks provides Brock with varied work, from press releases and website copy, to email newsletters and blog content. In his year of employment at Riverworks Marketing, Brock has found a love in the hustle and enjoyment in the variety of client industries and projects.

Brock brings his humor and creativity to the team that is as exceptional as it is unique, and we are happy to claim him among our ranks. You are a very fine person, Brock Ward, and we are very fond of you; for you are only one person in a wide world after all!