Chattanooga Design Team Graphic Designer

If you have ever stopped by the office and seen a gentleman in a short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and flat cap, that would be Christiam! He is consistently our first employee in, last one out, and always in-office holding down RWM HQ.

Christiam Aedo is a graphic designer on our design team with more than a decade of experience in marketing and creative development. Originally from Lima, Peru, his family moved to Switzerland where many of them still live. He is the eighth child of ten.

He moved from Switzerland to Idaho in 1991 to attend Ricks College (now Brigham Young University – Idaho). After two years of education there, he transferred to the University of South Florida and studied fine arts for four years. Intaglio was his main love and medium during his time there. Christiam ended his education (thus far) with The Creative Circus in Atlanta with two years of art direction.

After graduating from college, Christiam did clown work in a circus and created performances for SeaWorld for many years. Costume design and stage construction were frequent job duties during this time. Christiam is a nomad at heart. In fact, his friends have referred to him as “the man with no land,” because of his many travels before settling down in Tennessee.

Outside of work Christiam Aedo cares for his chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs, wife, and children. He enjoys soccer and making 5-foot-longboard skateboards. He speaks fluent Spanish, French, and English, and ultimately decided on the United States as the home to grow his family in because “America is the kindest and most beautiful.”

Christiam is passionate about his creative work and brings a supportive care to Riverworks Marketing that is sincerely loved and appreciated. He is comfortable in an ever-changing environment and brings boundless energy and positivity to our team.

His larger-than-life ideas that surely come from his adventures around the world, circus expertise, and deep familial love all translate well into effective campaigns for our many clients. Thank you, Christiam, for all you do and are!