Riverworks Chattanooga Account Manager

“Becoming a parent, supporting a child, it gives a new sense of purpose to work.”

Not only has Cody Schmelter recently celebrated his first anniversary as a Riverworks Marketing employee, but this year he also has welcomed his first child into the world. Purpose-driven is a good way to describe Cody, who worked as a photojournalist for nearly a decade prior to joining Riverworks.

Originally from Savannah, GA, Cody graduated from the University of Georgia in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. His first job after graduating was an internship at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, which brought him to Chattanooga where he immediately fell in love with the Scenic City. So how does a photojournalist get hired as an account manager?

“As a photojournalist, you have to be able to adapt to all sorts of different situations and people. You aren’t specific to sports, politics, etc. When you’re in the newsroom you need to have an incredible amount of flexibility because you’re doing it all. Being an account manager for all the different clients Riverworks has isn’t that different.”


Another perk earned from his time as a photographer is his attention to detail. Cody shared that subtlety in photography is paramount. What’s the objective of the shot? Are you setting a scene with a long shot, establishing characters from a medium distance, or getting those important details with a close-up? This translates to his affinity for details when managing a wide range of projects from his varied clients.


These experiences led to Cody becoming the perfect fit for the Account Management team. At his core, he’s a problem solver, a roll-up-his-sleeves-style man of action, who is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure each task he touches is expertly executed. The result of his year at Riverworks Marketing has been a wealth of praise from his clients, some of which include our biggest names.


Outside of work, Cody is one of the rare sports lovers at our creative agency. He’s a retired member of the Chattanooga Rugby Football Club, which he joined after photographing a rugby game. He’s a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan, supporting his alma mater, and he also follows the Green Bay Packers as well as the U.S. and Irish rugby teams. After years of covering games, his first fan experience since his senior year of college was the 2021 National Championship that his Bulldogs won. He saw that game with his brother and father.