Chattanooga Graphic Designer

At Riverworks, we’re very lucky to rely on such a strong design team including one of our designers, Isary Amairani. Born and raised in Mexico, Isary moved to the States to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN. Her stand-out portfolio enabled her to work as a layout designer for the university’s newspaper, and she was later contracted by a publishing house in Italy to be used for book design.

Isary also holds a degree in International Studies with an emphasis in Italian. Her college career afforded her the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Italy where she was lucky enough to meet her fiancé. Her adventurous spirit and open-mindedness influence her design ideas, and enable her to understand and effectively communicate with all types of people— especially since she speaks three languages!

“I’ve fallen in love with languages, and would like to one day speak at least all of the Romance languages,” Isary said. “From my experience moving to the US (from Mexico), and then living in Italy for two years, I’ve learned to appreciate and embrace diversity wherever I can find it.”

After growing up in central Mexico and Monterrey, and then living in Italy, Isary is no stranger to diversity. It’s something that helps her thrive, shapes her unique perspective, and ultimately informs her design work. Isary is an extremely logical thinker, and a natural-born problem solver. She carries that into her day to day tasks at Riverworks.

“The thing I love most about being a designer is being able to visually solve a problem,” Isary said. She went on to say that she enjoys her role within our marketing team because of the assortment of work it allows her to touch day to day. “I enjoy the variety of services offered by RWM, and the experience that I get from it. Since I started here in March of last year, I have learned a lot from all of my coworkers, not only about design but many other things, ” Isary said.

Isary’s design philosophy is driven by the thoughts of a previous professor whose words really struck a chord in her, and his mantra was this– Concept is King. The message, the idea, the concept– that should be the driving force for every design function, and Isary excels at taking a clever concept and bringing it to life through the elements of visual design.

When she isn’t troubleshooting design dilemmas for Riverworks, Isary enjoys hiking, walking her dogs, playing sports, and spending time with her family cooking together. AND, pro tip– her family makes and sells the most incredible authentic Mexican tamales to ever hit Chattanooga! She’s also currently consumed with planning a very interesting wedding. Because Isary has family in Mexico, and her fiance has family in Italy, they plan to pull off dual wedding ceremonies, one in each country, so they can share in the joy of the occasion with everyone who matters most to them.

We’re so happy Isary is a part of our crew at RWM, and grateful for the perspective and energy she brings to the table every day.