Chattanooga Website Development

Fresh out of college, this is Julisa Smith’s first web development position. You wouldn’t know it though, as she is already leading by example in our Development Team!

Apart from a five-year stint in Arizona, Julisa has lived in Chattanooga her whole life. Growing up, she was homeschooled all thirteen years. She’s thankful that Chattanooga has such a vibrant homeschool community, and attributes those years to instilling in her a love for her family and a diligent work ethic.

While pursuing web development at Chattanooga State Community College, Julisa also worked at a Love’s truck stop Subway for four and a half years. Even though it wasn’t exactly related to her education, Julisa enjoyed the position. She has a passion for helping others, regardless of the task, and brought excitement to her workplace every day as she worked through college. That positivity is something she continues to exhibit here at Riverworks.

Even though her job is in tech, Julisa doesn’t consider herself “a techie.” During lunch, chances are you’ll find Julisa reading a paperback copy of Dreamlander by K. M. Weiland or Oath of the Brotherhood by C.E. Laureano. Growing up, instead of being a member of an AV club or the Technology Student Association, she played basketball. She continues to be an athlete, currently playing volleyball weekly on her church’s team. Julisa is an artist too! She sang in a choir growing up, can play the piano, and writes fiction in the rare free time she has.

So what led her to become such a skilled web developer, diving into a world of coding? Her detail-oriented mind gravitated towards it, as well as her ingrained sense of perfectionism. She has a talent for coding, without a doubt, and shares those skills with others. Outside of work, Julisa tutors college students and teaches basic computer and web design classes to middle school students.

In her free time, she also enjoys hiking and kayaking. The Blue Hole, Sunset Rock, and Nickajack Lake are some of her favorite places to appreciate the natural beauty our home provides. She also continues to support her family at their small farm, including her siblings, parents, goats, cow, chickens, dogs, and cats.

As hard a worker as Julisa is, she is an even better person. She sincerely cares for others and brings a positive energy anywhere she goes. We are thankful Julisa has joined us here at Riverworks Marketing, and we appreciate her more and more every day.