Chattanooga Web Development Management

Bringing his amazing skills to the Riverworks team for a little under four years now, Kevin is our fearless development team leader. Combining a unique set of skill with an A+ personality, Kevin has been a pivotal part of the continued success of Riverworks and has helped to propel our company forward in both vision and capability. In his own words about his development at Riverworks:

I’ve expanded in several seemingly conflicting directions, but there’s a common principle/endgame behind it: I want everyone involved in a workflow to have the tools at hand to properly express themselves and their roles. Without limitation. And with planet-scale availability. Reasonable enough, right?


Put another way: code is, without a doubt, the most fluid thing in our world. It’s silly to me that someone in any role would say ‘I’d love to [blank], but I can’t because of [limitation in code thing].’


To meet that goal, I’ve studied/learned/created niche platforms using Laravel and Twig that let design/content creation any vision they dream up. For strategy to have the intelligence and foresight they need, I’ve grown immensely in bleeding-edge technologies and techniques like Golang (a programming language that only around 7% of developers know), Stream Processing, and Machine Learning. To reach planet scale, technology needs automation and orchestration – any reproducible thing should be able to run again, consistently and with a button-click. I’ve learned Ansible as a tool for automation and provisioning, and Docker/Kubernetes for infinite-scale orchestration.


Most of these fancy words are more commonly associated with massive corps – Google, LinkedIn, Uber, etc. – but, keeping with code’s fluid nature, it’s silly to me that an SMB shouldn’t also have them in their toolbox. Code is fluid, but it’s also free – so long as you know how to use it.


At Riverworks specifically, using these tools for edge-case solutions is fun. We built a data-warehousing stream processor that can analyze and index billions of records per day… so, sure, we can come up with a clever way for you to manage e-commerce inventory off of a spreadsheet.”

To Kevin, we say thank you. Without his vision, expertise, passion, and drive Riverworks Marketing would not be the company that it is today.