Riverworks Social Media Specialist

Each month, Riverworks Marketing Group likes to introduce you to a member of our team you may or may not have had the pleasure of working with directly. This month, it is our joy to spotlight Social Media Specialist extraordinaire, Kristen Estes. Kristen is one smart cookie when it comes to the ever-changing social media landscape. She helps our team stay up to date on the monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily changes that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn throw at us.

Our Social Media Queen

A member of the Riverworks Marketing team for a little over three and a half years, Kristen came to us with a background in non-profits, public relations, and event management. Kristen brings a strategic edge to our social media campaigns through concise copywriting, meaningful creative, and refined metrics. As the manager of our Social Media page branding, content, promotions, and ad campaigns, Kristen is well-versed in sharing impactful and engaging content and helping translate hard analytics into a meaningful conversion. Kristen brings clients success by working closely with website analytics and Google Ads to ensure that their Facebook marketing budgets continue to impact leads as they are carried further down the sales funnel.

A Life of Balance

A certified yoga instructor, animal lover, and self-professed foodie, Kristen will help ensure your approach to social media is holistic and well-balanced.

Social Media Expert

“I think my role has evolved into an obsession at times, in and out of the office. I’m constantly reading news and blog articles, checking platform status reports, and researching. That’s the nature of the ever-changing social media landscape though, and you’re left behind if you aren’t staying up to date. And when I say constantly researching changes and updates, I don’t mean once a week, or even once a day. It’s sink or swim and to compete with the millions of others vying for the same mobile real estate, you’ve got to know the rules of the game and be prepared to adapt to them when they do inevitably change. And they change astonishingly quickly.”

Her Favorite Social Tools

When asked which tools best serve her in managing a business’s Facebook page, Kristen shared the following:

Facebook Business Manager / Ads Manager
“Facebook Business Manager is the first step in the next leg of the social media journey for many businesses. For in-depth and meaningful analytics, providing streamlined and secure access to manage business assets, as well as managing multiple Facebook pages, a Business Manager account is required before Ads Manager can be set up. And Ads Manager is where I am able to create campaigns, review performance, and pull the most meaningful stats from a company’s page posts or ad campaigns.”

Facebook Pixel
“Facebook Pixel is King! The Pixel is the best way to properly manage and optimize the performance of a Facebook ad. Through Facebook Pixel, we are not only able to track the success of an ad campaign from click to website, but also to gain incredibly valuable insights into who is engaging and in what manner. This allows us to continue to target demographics based off a previous ad’s most successful conversions, meaning we are able to work smarter, not harder when it comes to knowing a customer base.”

Kristen, from all of us here at Riverworks Marketing, we thank you for every moment you pour into each business you work with. Your attention to detail and ability to stay on top of an industry made of quicksand are just a few reasons why we think you deserve a high-quality score! We “Like” you a lot!