Account Manager

Every family has a youngest child and Maddie Boehm, Account Manager, is ours. She’s the youngest in her biological family too. When asked how being the youngest affects her personality, Maddie shared, “Being the youngest means I’m fun and independent.” We can neither confirm nor deny if this is true.

Maddie was born here in Chattanooga but raised in Knoxville. Growing up she played soccer and would enjoy hanging out with her friends. She also enjoyed card and board games, such as Catan and Hearts. In her free time, she would volunteer at the veterinary clinic where her mom works, and would foster kittens occasionally. Family is incredibly important to Maddie.

She came back to Chattanooga for college because she loves our town’s family-focused culture, and has always wanted to attend school here. Maddie pursued and achieved a combined B.S. degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

Maddie’s first job at a Japanese steakhouse provided a lasting foundation of cultural interests. She can teach anyone how to make DIY beginner chopsticks, named her cat Sake in honor of the unfiltered beverage, and has even visited Japan. Maddie’s family has always prioritized travel; as such she has also been to England, Wales, Mexico, and Canada.

Upon graduating college, Maddie began her account management journey, which eventually brought her to Riverworks. Almost immediately she was appreciated as a team member for her outgoing personality, caring nature, and sense of humor. On rainy days, which she loves, she is always one to cheer us up and keep us awake.

Regarding her position as Riverworks Account Manager, Maddie shared, “I’ve been in account management since graduating college, and I love the work. At Riverworks it’s even better thanks to our work culture, we’re like a family.” Again, family is important to Maddie, and our youngest is important to us.