Website Specialist

Our website specialist Mike is the life of the Riverworks office! His hilarious jokes, kind words, and excitable personality keep the team smiling throughout their work. His contagious optimism sets the tone for a workplace that values creative ideas and encourages collaboration. Not to mention, Mike is full of bright ideas. With all of his talents, Mike is sure to bring a little something special to any workday… including his dad jokes.

“I went to get some money from the bank earlier, but I wasn’t able to for some reason.
When I asked the teller about it, she said it was because I had already cleared out all of my cache.”

Growing up, Mike would make websites for fun using GeoCities, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web design service. He’s always loved looking under the hood (of websites) to see how all the pieces fit together. His inquisitive nature leads him to constantly delve deep into the workings of web development, always finding new and exciting things to explore. He is an asset behind the scenes, ensuring everything from brainstorming to web updates is productive and fun.

“I’ve decided to launch a brand new dating app exclusively for Paleontologists.
I’m going to call it Carbon Dating.”

In his free time, Mike enjoys drumming, producing new tunes, or trying out fresh remixes! He also enjoys gaming when he can and telling dad jokes to friends and family! His wife and daughter might roll their eyes, but they can’t deny that Mike is good at making them laugh. Mike enjoys every second with his wife and daughter — likely telling them bad puns to keep everyone smiling.

“How can you tell if a tree is a dogwood?
By the bark.”

A true Renaissance man, Mike has years of experience in web design and development, video editing, and marketing. He was even published in a collection of poetry! In terms of his education, not only did he graduate from Chattanooga State with honors, including a position in the Spire Honor Society and the Dean’s List; he also served as a web design tutor and web editor for the College Communicator. It was at Chatt State that Mike studied with Blake Jones, our Director of Web Development.

“My dad jokes and ghosts have a lot in common.
They both get a lot of boos.”

Looking for organizations with growth opportunities, Mike applied to our opening for a Marketing Coordinator. After he applied, he saw Blake share that his workplace was hiring! Riverworks leadership let Mike know his web skills could be put to good use in a dev role instead, and the rest is history! When asked what his favorite part about working at Riverworks Marketing is, Mike shared, “Honestly, it’s the motley crew of misfit adventurers. Having the owners involved in the daily operations is really cool to see, and people genuinely care about each other here.”