Meet our Director of Organizational & Business Development and Project Manager extraordinaire!

June marks Rachel’s fifth anniversary with Riverworks Marketing!

Rachel Brown, Director of Organizational & Business Development, began her time at Riverworks as Rachel Ward, Account Manager. Needless to say, a lot has changed in half a decade.

Rachel came to Riverworks in 2018 with several years of experience in the world of publishing. From those positions, she had pre existing expertise in managing sales and handling client partnerships. This helped her immediately excel in coordinating special projects and collaborating creatively with her new team members.

“I loved being in the driver’s seat as an Account Manager. I really enjoyed plotting my own course for the client’s goals, whether it was with development, design, copywriting, or SEO. I work well under pressure and can talk to anyone, so my personality was a good fit for the role.”

The biggest change in her tenure came in 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit. Until that point, Riverworks solely worked in-office. Suddenly meetings, collaborative designs, brainstorming sessions, and more all had to be held remotely.

“That was a huge change to my individual work as an AM, but it was also a massive overhaul for Riverworks operations. Thankfully, our wide range of client industries allowed us to be flexible and help businesses who needed it.”

With RWM operations having to adjust rapidly, it was all hands on deck. Rachel proved herself to be an especially invaluable team member during that time.

“I like being a jack of all trades. I can assist with most positions at Riverworks. My BS in Communications had a focus on Photography, and I had experience in copywriting from previous jobs. I was able to jump in wherever help was needed.”

Riverworks leadership took notice, and in early 2021 Rachel was promoted to Director of Organizational & Business Development. This was a brand new position created specifically for Rachel based on her strengths and personal skill sets.

“It became clear during that chaotic time that we needed to standardize procedures, formalize more of our operations, and have an additional team member focused on the big picture.”

The position also supervises the Account Management team. Today Rachel trains Riverworks Account Managers on how to find the same level of success that she did. She shared that it has been an adjustment in perspective.

“I’m an achievement-oriented worker. As an AM, I was proud of the wins I was able to bring to my clients. Now, as a Director, I celebrate my Account Managers’ wins instead. I highlight their accomplishments instead of my own, and I delegate work that I know they’ll knock out of the park.”

In the same way that Rachel was able to effectively communicate with any of Riverworks’ clients, she is now able to personalize support for her AMs. She mentioned that the two Account Managers who report to her are both successful in their roles but go about the job in totally different ways. It’s her goal to support them in doing so.

Whereas she had to move fast as an Account Manager, Rachel says this role requires a steadier pace. Instead of rushing to meet deadlines, she ensures that her Account Managers (and Riverworks Marketing as a whole) will continue to thrive in the long run.

In her free time, Rachel loves spending quality time with her husband, Nick, her cat, Himbs, and her dog, Stevie. Chances are, if you’ve come by the office, you’ve met Stevie once or twice! Rachel is always out and about in the Scenic City, buying plants at a local farm, discussing the latest read with her book club, hiking with friends, or enjoying a live performance. Music is another one of Rachel’s passions and we are honored to share that Himbs: The Musical (book and lyrics by Rachel Brown) is slated to open on Broadway in 2026.

Rachel’s strong strategic thinking, excellent communication skills, leadership abilities, and commitment to excellence make her a great Account Manager and Director, but her humility, empathy, and integrity are what make her someone you look forward to working with each and every day.

Happy Five-Year Anniversary, Rachel (Ward) Brown!