Chattanooga Custom-tailored Marketing Plans

To celebrate a year of working at Riverworks Marketing Group, this month’s employee spotlight will focus on rockstar account manager Rachel Ward. A Tennessee native who loves science fiction, a good belly laugh, and singing custom off-key jingles, Rachel brings skills and knowledge with her from the marketing and ad sales position that she held before landing at Riverworks.

At Riverworks, Rachel creates custom tailored marketing plans for her clients based on their feedback, goals, and budget.

“Getting to know my client’s business in depth allows every aspect of our marketing strategy to make the most sense for them and ensures they get the results they’re looking for. Also, I’ve just always been an incredibly curious person, so building relationships with my clients is genuine and meaningful to my work day.” Rachel explained.

Account Manager Rachel Ward

Meditations from Rachel

When asked to list out the three main things that she loves about marketing, she chose creativity, collaboration, and results.

On Creativity: “Because there is no one answer to every marketing need, thinking outside the box is a daily activity. I love uncovering creativity in non-traditional places and applying learned lessons from one industry to another. Creativity isn’t always fulfilling a need in the most abstract way, it’s innovating a solution to render customized results.”

On Collaboration: “Our team is a very diverse, specialized and outspoken group. The collaboration that takes place between our departments is what makes Riverworks’ solutions so distinct. Finding an answer in an unlikely place, and building on input until you reach heights one person could not have attained by themselves is an invigorating feeling. The answer is always hiding in the most unexpected place.”

On Results: “Working at a full-service agency means we are able to fulfill most of our client’s needs in house, be it development, design, copywriting, or SEO. It’s pretty cool to be a part of such a well-oiled machine. With client input and team support, we’re able to deliver results through traditional and non-traditional avenues.

From the entire Riverworks team, we thank you, Rachel, for everything you do! Your hard work is an inspiration to others and the success that you bring to your clients has further proven that Riverworks Marketing Group is the best choice in the Chattanooga area for digital marketing services.