Our Chattanooga marketing team decided to try our hand at creative writing in honor of National Haiku Day.

Our Marketing Team Explores Creative Writing Through Japanese Haiku

Our marketing team relishes every opportunity to stretch our creative muscles, and try our hand at new things. As such, we decided to pose as poets for the day in honor of National Haiku Poetry Day. Haiku is a form of non-rhyming Japanese poetry that most often consists of three lines in a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. This is essentially the Japanese equivalent of the iambic pentameter of Shakespeare’s England, albeit a little simpler for novice poets such as ourselves to emulate.

Haikus are generally inspired by an element of nature, a season, an individual experience, or a moment of beauty. In these charmingly succinct poems, sensory language is employed as a tool for creating a feeling or painting a picture for readers with very few words.

We hope you’ll enjoy our admittedly awkward attempts at haiku writing, and that you’ll celebrate this holiday with a little creative exploration of your own. Expression and creativity make us tick, ensure we’re always growing, and for marketing professionals like us– they also drive our daily work. So pick up your poet’s pen, and scrawl out a few haikus of your own. If you do, share them on social with the hashtag #RWMhaikuchallenge. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Worth a thousand words–
images share our message,
& with soul in tow.

— Lindsey

Easter eggs and blooms,
Spring comes in January
in advertisements.

— Brian

Strategic Social
Creates Connections for Life.
Develop Your Brand.

— Cory

Woof woof woof grrr-woof
Woof woof woof woof grrr-woof woof,
Healthcare for all now!

— Bernie

To make an impact
Combine heart with strategy
Human connection

— Stephanie

Spread the word to all.
Promoting, selling— a sale!
Marketing makes growth.

— Amy

Develop your brand –
With consistent messaging,
grow community.

— Rachel

Code and market sites.
Oh no, something is broken.
We will fix it fast!

— Blake

Create and connect
Grow your brand and company
Build relationships

— Jaclyn

Working remotely
Staring at a bright, square screen
Is there a soul there?

— Jackie

Digital and print,
Used to reach your audience,
To build and flourish.

— Jess

Creation and design:
that’s not for a closed mind,
a circle may be a line.

— Isary