National Punctuation Chattanooga

Let’s eat grandma!

Let’s eat, grandma!

We’ve seen it. We know it. Punctuation saves lives! It’s a silly joke, but really, it’s a lot more than just that. Punctuation plays a critical role in communication, and it helps us better hone our messaging. When it comes to marketing, punctuation is the salt and pepper on the baked potato. Without it, our words are just a jumbled mess, or an impressively bland meal, as the case may be.

September 24th is National Punctuation Day, a day set aside for celebrating punctuation and its power, correct usage, and the function it adds to our words. At Riverworks, we recognize that punctuation adds a lot of meaning and spice to what our marketing team does for clients all day, every day. Punctuation, when used effectively, assists the reader in understanding a written message as intended, and as cleverly illustrated above, it even has the power to change the message entirely.

So, yes, punctuation is powerful. It allows us to tell a story more vividly. It elevates our words. It helps us create buzz for brands, stimulate sales, and communicate clever messages. It’s woven throughout everything we do from back and forth conversations with clients to billboard campaigns to web copy. We edit content for clients daily that requires us to implement the correct usage of punctuation in email newsletters, social media posts, blogs, print materials, and more.

So on this special Punctuation Day, take a minute to bask in an appreciation for these tiny marks that make a colossal impact. Recognize that they are not merely some mundane addition to the words we put down, but they are the tiny marks that give those words connotation and life.