Meet Our Owner – Jackie Errico

Our fearless founder, Jackie Errico, has been devoted to creating a successful, positive company culture through Riverworks since 2006. Today, Jackie manages several client campaigns along with her content team, procuring great results through her strategic approach to online marketing and SEO. With her 16+ years of online marketing experience, she can quickly turn a clients’ vision into a successful campaign through smart messaging and SEO research. Her passion lies in helping businesses both big and small see the most customer engagement possible, and her strong track record of success makes Jackie a great ally to have in your corner.

Fortunately for the team at Riverworks Marketing Group, Jackie’s strengths go beyond online marketing. Jackie is the heart and soul of the Riverworks family and has been at the forefront in creating a positive company culture with the staff. From establishing our Riverworks Core Values to hosting fun team building events, Jackie works hard to ensure her team feels supported and celebrated each day.

Our team-focused Riverworks Core Values drive our success.

Collaboration is a major part of what makes Riverworks run well. So, when it was time to establish the core values for Riverworks Marketing Group, Jackie and the team worked together to create a list of principles that they believed in. Our core values serve as a flagship for all we strive to be and to also reflect the individuality found within our creative team. To us, a company’s values shouldn’t get glossed over during employee onboarding. The Riverworks Core Values are implemented into each working day, staff meeting, and team outing. We designed our values together to support, challenge, and encourage each other to strive for continued success internally, and for our clients.

RWM Core Values

  • Commitment: We’re wholly dedicated because this work matters to us.
  • Excellence: We seek to do our best work, every time because we’re invested in the process and the results they produce.
  • Integrity: Always behave with integrity and honesty. We think being good people is the most important thing.
  • Community: We believe in the magic of teamwork, and that we’re better together.
  • Growth: We know that continual growth leads to better results for our clients, and deep down we love to learn.
  • Positivity: We embrace positive thinking and focus on good because we know there’s great power in that.
  • Creativity: Innovation and creativity drive our work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Fun: To us, fun is essential. We love what we do, so we enjoy doing it. Plain and simple.
  • Initiative: We’re doers, starters, inciters– always looking for opportunities to make great things happen.

Gratitude is central to communication at Riverworks.

The Riverworks team keeps busy to ensure each project is on-time and on-target. This means we are often working in tandem with one another, whether that is collaborating on a logo, brainstorming content for an eNewsletter, or anything in between. To honor that spirit of teamwork, Jackie established a Gratitude window during our weekly staff meetings. Each week while we gather as a unit to discuss company affairs, the team dedicates a block of time to celebrate each other’s successes and thank one another for any help received. This Gratitude segment typically ushers in lots of laughter, and is easily a highlight of each week at Riverworks Marketing Group.

Jackie emphasizes her team’s strengths.

As a full-service marketing agency, Riverworks hosts a team of highly creative and uniquely-skilled professionals. While the close-knit staff have many similarities, Jackie prioritizes our individuality and celebrates our personal strengths. We utilize the CliftonStrengths assessment to show each team member how their natural talents and attributes can be used to maximize their potential, both at Riverworks and in our personal lives. Jackie is the biggest champion of the team’s differing strengths. She focuses on encouraging the staff’s strengths to promote success for Riverworks and for each staff member as individuals, so no one has to feel like a square peg in a round hole.

Jackie also likes to find ways to get her team thinking outside of the box, outside of the office. She initiated our S.W.O.T. meetings as a way to acknowledge any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats to our team and to find creative ways to handle any challenges or successes we face. These S.W.O.T. meetings are a team building tool that allow the Riverworks staff to enjoy a fun activity or event while fostering connectedness to each other.

How did Jackie found Riverworks Marketing Group?

Upon receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jackie began a successful career in sales, amassing a decade and a half of experience in the field. She eventually began managing several large food service firms, including McKee Foods Corporation, and established a great reputation for herself in the business sector.

With 15 years of sales and marketing experience in her toolbelt, Jackie started Riverworks Design in 2006 as a graphic design and web development agency. In 2009, she and her husband, Steve, partnered up and transformed the company into a full-service marketing agency under a new name, Riverworks Marketing Group. Their business has seen continual growth since then, and they now serve hundreds of clients in the Chattanooga area and across the country.

Jackie has a deep well of marketing knowledge thanks to her extensive experience and is an essential part of her client’s online marketing successes. Her tenacity and dedication to each project ensures great results that Riverworks’ clients can feel proud of. She is a strong supporter of each member of the Riverworks team, and through her feedback and encouragement we each feel seen, understood and appreciated. She is the backbone of the positive company culture at Riverworks, and the ultimate model of our Core Values.