When choosing a marketing agency, it's important to look at all pieces of the puzzle to ensure a great fit and ultimately marketing success.

Choose The Right Marketing Agency

When it comes to marketing the products and services your business provides, a solid marketing plan and assets to support that effort are vital. Understanding your goals, and how to achieve them with the latest marketing tools is critical for your company’s overall growth and success. But what if your team doesn’t have the expertise or time to craft and execute marketing strategies to propel your business forward? Well, you may need to consider outsourcing your marketing efforts, or at least supplement in the areas in which your team doesn’t excel.

So, how do you choose a marketing agency that’s the right fit for you, your brand, and your specific goals? We’ve got a few pointers and things for you to consider while trying to choose the right Chattanooga marketing agency for you.

Personal Touch

When you select a marketing agency to work with, check out their work portfolio, performance, customer reviews, longevity, and history, of course. Beyond that, you’ll want to make sure their way of doing things meshes well with yours. Look for a team that takes the time to listen to your goals and really hear them. Source a team that takes your business goals, makes them their own, and turns that into action.

The Right Staff

You’ll want to choose a Chattanooga creative agency with a team that boasts a diverse range of talents. Do they have team members with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise? You’ll want to work with a company who can create beautiful, functional, content for you from design to copy to dev. Make sure the team you choose to work with can cover all the bases for you– and do it not only with style, but also with results.

Customer Service

Do your homework. Before you settle on an agency to work with, make sure they have a great track record for providing quality customer service. Do they have a large pool of clients? Do they have good reviews online– Google, Facebook, etc.? Do you know anyone else who has worked with them in the past? Make sure the team has great account managers who will take care of you, be communicative, and be committed to helping you grow your business.

Up-to-date Strategy

Digital marketing is the epitome of a moving target. Things are constantly changing and shifting. That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that’s diligent about staying on top of industry trends. Make sure the folks you entrust your marketing dollars to are spending them wisely, making intentional content, tracking progress, and actually moving the needle.

Focus on Digital

While incorporating traditional marketing and media is certainly beneficial and necessary in certain applications, digital marketing brings so many advantages to the table. Digital marketing is ideal for creating brand awareness and social media presence. Serving up digital ads is also a no brainer. We’re all online all day, everyday– so the audience is certainly there and active in the digital space.

Digital advertising is also cost-effective, giving you global reach for only a small investment. These methods of advertising– SEO, social media marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, and more– also make it easy to measure and track results to ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI.

Holistic Approach

While we know digital is king, it’s important to work with a marketing company who can do it all. From time to time you’ll need print ads, billboards, brochures, web design, photography, and content writing. You’ll want to feel confident that your team has the talent and experience necessary to bolster all of those efforts. Make sure the team you choose to work with knows the importance of the big picture, and is confident in putting all the pieces together so they work seamlessly to your advantage.

In addition, if your strategy is all digital, you’ll want an agency who is presenting the same message on all platforms from display ads and social media, to your website and newsletters. Having one united message across all platforms can be the most effective way to serve impressions that will have a lasting impact.

Community Involvement

If you love your community and believe in giving back, it’ll be important to choose a marketing agency that shares that passion. Find out what your agency does behind the scenes. Do they donate time to help local nonprofits succeed in their marketing efforts? Do they have team members who serve on local boards? Do they support local charities? You can tell a lot about a business’s merit by looking into how they spend their time, what causes they support, and how active they are within the community.

Our Chattanooga marketing agency, Riverworks, cares very much about the Chattanooga community. We also work intentionally to embody all the qualities outlined above. Established in 2006, this business has always worked to remain on the cutting edge of marketing trends with a focus on digital, striving always to apply the most current principles to help our clients succeed across the board. If you’re looking to partner with a creative agency to help push your business forward, our team would love to chat about your goals, and figure out how we can best help you achieve them.