New Year, New Photography

Here at Riverworks, we believe in the power of strong imagery. Photography creates a mood. A mood makes us feel something. And when we feel something, we’re a lot more likely to do something. If you’re running a business, regardless of what industry you’re in, much of your effort is spent brainstorming effective ways to reach potential customers. You want to grab their attention. You want to tell them a story, a story about your brand, your product, or your service. You want to communicate with those potential customers about who you are and what you have to offer, and a striking photo is an incredibly effective way to do that.

American portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz, said, “If it makes you cry, it goes in the show,” and she’s not wrong. There is power in strong photography, and if you can harness that power to bolster your brand and your business, well then you’re doing something right. Especially in the digital age, consumers are inundated with information almost incessantly. If you aren’t putting quality content out into the world, the odds of breaking through the noise are slim at best.

In addition to helping visually solidify your brand voice, engaging photography can also change the way existing and potential customers interact with your brand. Quality photography creates brand trust and recognition. If you use high-quality, custom photography on your website, in your social media posts and digital ad campaigns, as well as in print applications, you’re creating content that is consistent, and recognizable to your client base. A cohesive and professional-looking library of content communicates quality across the board.

At Riverworks, we encourage all our clients to invest in professional photography to ensure their marketing efforts are well met and as effective as possible. Here are the top three reasons we think every business stands to benefit from using custom, professional images.

  1. Professional photos are versatile brand assets.
    Content is king, and great photos make for compelling content. In fact, in the social media world, content that includes photos generally gets more than twice as much engagement. When you back up your messaging with striking photos, you can expect it to be much more effectively across the board.
  2. Great photography sets the tone for all things marketing.
    When your potential customers look at your website or see your content, they get a first impression of you. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview or important meeting in the outfit you mow your lawn in, right? By that same token, you don’t want your business to show up on the Internet (or anywhere else, for that matter) looking a hot mess. Keep things buttoned and zipped, polished and professional with quality images. They’ll be the first thing a customer sees, and they will 100% make an impression.
  3. More SEO opportunity.
    Google likes photos! Not only does Google search favor image-rich content, but also, using images in your web content presents further SEO opportunities. If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO, you know that you can strategically optimize specific elements within your website to actively help it perform better in search rankings. Images are one important component in the practice of SEO. Optimized images can help your website appear more frequently in search results, while also engaging the people perusing your site. Great photos can go a long way in encouraging a web user to spend more time on your website, thus leading them one step closer to conversion.

If you’re a current Riverworks client or someone who could use the help of our small-but-mighty marketing team, give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you about how fresh new photos can help you move into the new year on just the right note. Let’s work together to drive your 2020 marketing results with custom photographs that make an impression. New year, new photos! We can help.