Conversion Rate Optimization is Key for Online Success

When it comes to effective digital marketing strategies, there are many different elements that go into making a website successful. Fresh content, solid calls to action, an attractive design, and an easily navigable website structure are all key elements that must be considered when optimizing a website for the intended target audience. However, all of these factors are for nothing if, at the end of the day, a website does not lead to conversions.

In today’s post, we here at Riverworks Marketing Group wanted to go over a strategy that we feel is one of the most important things to consider when determining ways to make a website more successful — Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

To understand what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is, you must first understand what the term “conversion” refers to specifically.

Put simply, a conversion occurs when a visitor to a website takes an action that the owner of the website wants them to take. This can include making a purchase, watching a specific video, signing up for an email list, or any other action that the website owner has previously determined. With this definition in mind, CRO is a strategy by which the owner of a website looks to increase the frequency of conversions.

To implement this strategy, a site owner must gather analytics and user feedback to improve the conversion performance of their website.

Why is CRO Important?

At this point in the post, you have probably realized that CRO sounds important, however, you may not be sure as to why it is important. Below, we have listed out a few of the reasons that CRO is a must for any website.

  • Paid Advertising is Expensive: In the early days of paid advertising, keywords were cheap. However, with an increase in the amount of businesses that are utilizing paid advertising to boost the awareness of their brand, keywords have become more expensive. CRO helps a website owner identify and deal with problems on their website first, ensuring that they are not wasting money on ineffective paid advertisements.
  • Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs: The higher the conversion rate is on a site, the lower the amount of money that it takes to acquire new customers. By simply doubling the conversion rate, the owner of a website can cut in half the amount of money that they spend on gaining new customers.
  • Capture Conversions Faster: It’s no secret that the attention span of the average online consumer is…fleeting. By funneling them directly toward the thing they are looking for sooner, a website owner has a better chance of them converting on their website as opposed to a competitor’s.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post on the importance of CRO and how it can help your website. Be sure to join us next time as we dive deeper into this subject and explain the steps that are necessary in order to perform CRO on a website. If you can’t wait that long and you would like some advice from a digital marketing agency right here in Chattanooga, visit our website or give us a call at 423.710.3866 today. We are a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping our clients achieve success in the highly competitive digital realm.

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