Riverworks At Digital Summit

Hello again, and welcome back to the Riverworks Marketing blog! It’s been a while since our last post but trust us, that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

Last week, six of our team members attended the Digital Summit in hot and humid Atlanta, Georgia. We learned more about the latest trends in digital marketing, gathered strategies from the leading players in the digital marketing world, and expanded our knowledge to provide better services to our clients. In today’s post, we wanted to share just a couple of things that we learned at the conference. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Digital Summit?

Digital summit is a digital marketing conference that is held nationwide in major cities such as Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The purpose of Digital Summit is to bring together the top minds in the field of digital marketing so that attendees can learn valuable digital marketing skills, connect with other digital marketers, and gain key insights to the ever changing digital landscape.

At the Atlanta conference, our team members were lucky enough to hear presentations from Randi Zuckerberg, Scott Dikkers, Janet Driscoll Miller, and many more. Each presenter offered their insights into a specific aspect of digital marketing and challenged our team members to always push themselves to provide the best services possible to our clients. After two action-packed days, we’re pretty confident in saying that we came back with a lot of awesome information!

What Did We Learn?

While a ton of information was thrown at our team, we did come away with a few key points.

  • Content is STILL King: If you have any experience with digital marketing, you have probably heard the term “content is king.” While this has always been true, 2019 is proving that quality content is even more important than ever. Google is shifting away from being just a search engine. Google wants to be an answer engine; it wants to understand what users are asking it and then provide them with the most relevant quality content that it can. What does this mean for digital marketers? It means that we have to ensure all of the content on our clients’ websites is as informative as possible.
  • Facebook isn’t Dead, Yet: For many of us, recalling life before Facebook may serve difficult. It seems that the social media giant is everywhere, and has its tendrils in pretty much every aspect of what we do online. Despite the nearly omnipresent feel of Facebook, it seems like an article comes out every month proclaiming that Facebook is “dead” and that we all need to abandon the platform before it is too late. Well, while Facebook may be a different beast than it was even two years ago, the social media leader is still an important aspect of a holistic digital marketing strategy. While organic reach has dropped significantly due to oversaturation, Facebook ad campaigns are still a viable way for a brand to put themselves in front a potential audience. Unlike boosted page posts (which you should still be doing by the way), Facebook ad campaigns are where the market is trending. These ads allow for your brand to place themselves directly in a user’s news feed, greatly extending the reach of your ads and allowing you to target people that are most likely to be interested in the product or service that your business offers. Ad campaigns allow a business more control over the goals of the campaign, meaning that a business can choose whether or not the campaign is about driving traffic to a website, video views, app installations, engagements, lead generations, etc. No matter the goal of the business, Facebook ad campaigns provide an avenue to deliver quality content to potential customers. 
  • Engage Your Audience on a Personal Level: Building off of the previous point, engaging the audience is one of the most fundamental things that our team took away from Digital Summit. Because the internet plays such a large factor in our day to day lives, people have become somewhat immune to the older marketing tactics. People don’t want to be sold on a product anymore, at least, not directly. They want to be sold on the experience of that product, on how that product will make them feel, and how that product can make their lives better. It’s no longer enough to just put a product in front of a potential buyer with a call-to-action. You have to engage with them on a personal level and gain interest by showing how their lives will be improved by their purchase/ involvement in your brand, product, and community.

We are so glad that our team was able to attend Digital Summit in Atlanta and bring that knowledge back to our office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. By challenging the way we think about marketing, sharing experiences, and giving insight into niche advancement in our toolbox, the speakers at Digital Summit provided an eye-opening experience. If you are in the market for a digital marketing agency, we hope that you will choose Riverworks Marketing. Our staff of digital marketing specialists, designers, SEO gurus, and web developers can help your business develop its voice, web presence and lead generation. We work to strategize and implement the correct plan to connect and grow your business. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please give us a call at 423-710-3866 or shoot us an email at [email protected].