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SEO: Saving Money, Boosting Rankings

Every business owner can agree that saving money on advertising is something that appeals to them. Advertising is an expense that cannot be helped; however, you can help how effectively you spend those advertising dollars. In today’s post, we are going to conclude our blog series on why SEO is important for your business by explaining how a solid SEO strategy can, in the long run, save your business money when it comes to advertising.

How Do These SEO Strategies Save a Business Money?

At this point in the series, you are probably wondering what SEO strategies have to do with saving money.

Bear with us, we’re almost there.

So, taking what you now know about paid advertising and SEO, ask yourself: What would you rather invest in for your website in order to make sure as many people as possible see your website when they search for services related to your business?

If you answered paid advertising, or the option that puts you as high on a search results page as you can get, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, you may not be as right as you think you are.

While it can be argued that some amount of money will always need to be spent on paid advertising, the better strategy is to put just as much, if not more, time and effort into increasing the SEO value of your website.

Why? We’ll break it down for you.

SEO is the Long Term Game

Say you own an HVAC repair company and you have an advertising budget of $800 a month to spend on your website. The first step would be to identify the most popular keywords associated with HVAC repair and then pay for search engine advertisement targeting those keywords. After doing this research and setting up your advertising budget, you target 20 different keyword search terms, and you let the campaign run for a month to see how it does and then you check the results.

They aren’t great. From your $800 investment, you received 500 clicks on your paid advertising, with 4 people actually soliciting your HVAC company to come out and complete a repair. Now, depending on the repair, you may have broken even but chances are good that you just spent more money on advertising than you brought in from the business that it brought you. Feeling discouraged, you abandon the world of online advertising never to return.

Now, if you will, imagine another scenario.

You are an HVAC repair company and you have an advertising budget of $800. Your cousin’s wife Karen, who you have known for years and absolutely adore, hears that you are diving into the world of online advertising and comes to you with a proposal. Take half of your advertising budget, give it to her, and she will perform SEO on your website. She takes the time to do the research and finds the 5 most popular, yet most searched for, keywords associated with your business and tells you to take your remaining $400 and invest in paid advertisements.

After completing the keyword research for you, Karen agrees to look over your website and make some “tweaks” as she calls them. After a month, you check your paid search campaign and find that things went… surprisingly okay. With your budget more tightly focused on relevant keywords, you received 250 clicks from your paid search campaign, with 15 people actually following through and hiring your company for HVAC repairs.

As an added bonus, when you search for your company online, you notice that your website is starting to pop up for search terms that you did not pay for. Surprised, you call Karen and ask her what she did. With a knowing smile, Karen explains that she added some keywords to your website in some important areas and created some fresh content on your website.

Happy with the results, you agree to split your budget again, allowing Karen to make even more tweaks to your website and adding new content for the keywords that you are not paying for. All is right in the world and, gradually, you begin to rise organically through the ranks of the search results page.

SEO is not a substitution for paid advertising, but a solid SEO strategy can save you money by allowing you to focus your paid ads on the keywords that are harder to rank for organically and more competitive.

SEO is About Spending Your Money Smartly

So, dear reader, as you can see from the above two scenarios, our example HVAC company didn’t spend any less money on advertising, they simply spent their money in a smarter, more effective manner.

Spending money on paid search ads only makes sense if those ads bring in more money than you have spent on them. By reducing the number of keywords that you are spending money on for advertising, you can spend more on fewer, more profitable keywords. With SEO, you can then invest money in targeting lesser, yet still important keywords, and help your website rank organically for those search terms.

In summary, spend your money on the keywords that are harder to rank for organically and are more competitive in the realm of paid advertising.

We hope that this blog series has helped to shed some light on the importance of SEO. If all of this reads as Greek to you, contact us today at Riverworks Marketing and let us help you. We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in Chattanooga and are here to help you with any and all digital marketing needs that you may have!

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