World Password Day

We build websites for businesses all across America, which means at Riverworks Marketing cybersecurity is paramount. Nowadays work, school and fun have all melded into one digital ecosystem. Working remotely, schooling virtually, and connecting with others through virtual meetings has given us a way to stay connected during a scary start to the decade… But also can feel like we are constantly plugged in. To celebrate World Password Day, here are some tips from us at RWM on how to feel more secure when plugged in.

Make every password special.

It’s easy to remember one universal password. However, if you ever accidentally create an account on a sketchy site and give it that universal password of yours, boom, you’ve lost control of your entire online identity. Give each account a unique password, that way if your Facebook is compromised you’ll only lose access to that one site. Make sure every password is complex and strong too. Passphrases are an excellent way to achieve this. Instead of a password like “FBPassword” try a passphrase that is complex and long like “BrockIsTheNumber1Copywriter!”

Keep your passphrases in one secure location!

Those long and complex passphrases can be hard to remember. Even though we know better, we still make guessable passwords or use the same passphrase across multiple accounts. You might jot down passwords on Post-it notes, in a Google Doc or a Note app on your phone. Instead of putting yourself at risk like this, you can download a password manager. Services like 1Password, LastPass and Keeper Security help break bad password habits and keep you safe.

Don’t forget all your other digital keys.

It’s not just passwords that clutter up our brain space. There are also PINs, account ID numbers, backup codes and more. No one can be expected to remember all that. With a password manager, you can store these critical pieces of information in your account as well. Not only is the data secured with encryption, but it also prevents you from trying to remember where you hid your passwords.


Join Riverworks and change your password!

Most password frustration can be eliminated with a password manager, but we know not everyone wants to add a new service to their list. At the very least, please join RWM in changing your password. Many of us have used the same password for years, but World Password Day is an opportunity to take control of our cyber security and change our passwords. It’s better to take the time now than wish we did later.