Business Savvy Creative Marketing

One of the wonderful things about marketing is just how many niche skillsets are combined to get your message across. You need designers, copywriters, social media experts, data fanatics, coders, strategists and more to successfully create and execute a solid marketing strategy. However, one thing has to unite all those different roles and skills to make it all work: business sense. All too often, especially with outside Chattanooga TN creative agencies, marketers don’t think like their clients because they come from a different background, and they aren’t necessarily used to realities of the corporate world.

Riverworks is different than other agencies because it’s owned and managed by two professionals who have a background in the business world. Jackie and Steve Errico spent the majority of their careers in business, so they understand both perspectives. They understand where Riverworks’ clients are coming from and what they need. When the Riverworks team comes together to plan a strategy for a broad marketing campaign or even just one social media contest, they do so knowing how businesses of all sizes operate, what they’re trying to accomplish, and what the client is going to want. We have a lot of very creative people at our company, but that creativity is always led by that first language of business sense.

Marketing is about self-discovery, not only for enterprises and brands that need to know themselves deeply in order to communicate their mission and product to customers, but for any marketing professional who needs to discovery how their skills and talents apply in this unique field. It’s not like working in education or nonprofits or in government. Learning how to use your creativity and smarts like a business person is crucial for success in any niche of marketing, from advertising to PR to the nitty gritty of statistics.

Marketing is also about empathy, not only for companies that need to learn to think like their customers, but for the marketers who need to understand both the business being marketed and its audience. Part of good business sense whether you’re a CEO launching a new product of a designer drawing a new logo is always trying to think three steps ahead from five different perspectives. It’s understanding not only how the customer will respond to colors, language, and layout, but how those intangible, mysterious elements will translate into numbers and results.

At Riverworks we provide the best of both worlds. We have a strong team with innovative ideas, technical savvy, and creative intuition backed by decades of experience in the business world. We understand where you’re coming from, as well as anticipating where you want to go. We’re willing to take the risks necessary for exciting new directions, but never without a dose of conservative caution. As a small business run by owners with a background in big business, we’re used to striking that balance everyday—the chances you take as a startup, and the good judgment it takes to make that startup into a well-established industry standard. We put that experience and perspective to work for our clients every day. It’s what sets us apart, and helps our clients get ahead.

Written by Jackie Errico