Facebook’s Vast Numbers Can Be Used to Your Brand’s Advantage

In our last blog, we focused on ways we’re able to help our clients use Google’s Display Ad network and their Google Adwords account to convert more of their website visits into actual sales — even after the buyer has initially abandoned their online shopping cart. In Part Two, we’re focused on Facebook’s efforts to achieve the same result.

Remarketing / Facebook Pixel

“Remarketing” is the process by which code is added to a brand’s website to track who visits and, at some point in time later, use a display ad to refer back to services or products users have already considered purchasing from that website — even after they’re long gone. Whereas Google’s display ads appear on its network and in search results, Facebook has gotten into the game as well offering Facebook pixel, focusing on allowing advertisers to display right inside the newsfeed of the social network’s billions of users. As the saying goes, “If something online is made available for free, your eyeballs are the product.”

Geo Fencing

Maybe you’re aren’t interested in selling to Facebook’s vast army of would-be consumers around the world. Maybe you just want to focus on the neighborhoods within a small geographic radius of your location where you most likely generate most of your business already.

Targeting Audiences by Interests and Demographics

The cool thing is you CAN with careful targeting of specific demographics and interests that users in your area have specified by “liking” various things while browsing the social network.

SEO Chattanooga to help you be there when they are searching

Even more astonishing, Facebook can reach people who visit specific pages on your website and mimic those people to create audiences from its huge pool of social network users who haven’t yet visited your website but have followed interests like those users who have!

Can you begin to see the potential here?

Riverworks helps brands create custom audiences that match their marketing objectives, then craft relevant messages in ads depending on the type of audience targeted. For example, an audience for each major landing page or product category for a business.

The point of all this? Getting them back to your website to complete a purchase or give over their email address to receive your email newsletter, as well as sourcing completely new people who’ll find your website worth visiting. By entering in the email addresses of people who already receive your newsletter, we can help you get more value from new customer acquisition campaigns by excluding the people you’re already reaching independently from Facebook ad campaigns.

Here is a summary of several services we offer…

  • Geofencing. This allows us to use the GPS signal in smartphones to define a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area. Imagine for a moment that you own a restaurant and want to reach someone riding in a car on his or her way to dinner with the family. Your ad or a push notification can alert them about a daily special once they get within a certain distance of your restaurant (or your competitor’s restaurant!).
  • Gain Your Competitors’ Customers. Yes, brands can use remarketing methods to go after potential customers who have shopped at a similar store. Which makes it more important than ever to be reaching out to your own customers because someone else may be doing it.
  • Exclude certain audiences. Some people are already going to be fierce advocates for your brand. Your budget might be better spent reaching out to people who aren’t already members of your fan club. OR targeting those best equipped financially to afford what you have to sell if it is a luxury item. Conversion tracking allows us to stop sending ads to customers that have already converted.
  • Remarketing to Upsell. You can show customers items that go with products they’ve already bought. Brands are more profitable when they can retain an existing customer rather than constantly acquiring new ones. Perhaps you only want to remarket to those who have spent over a certain amount on a previous purchase.
  • Give people a reason to complete the sale. If someone abandoned their shopping cart before making the purchase, perhaps the shipping cost was too high at the time. Retargeting those users with a coupon or free shipping might convert the transaction.
  • Take Advantage of Birthdays, Anniversaries and the Season. You can target someone with an upcoming special day to come celebrate it at your restaurant, for example. Or give an incentive for someone to spend their Black Friday cash on a product they almost bought back in October.
  • Target with service reminders. Has it been a while since someone called to get a haircut? You can show them banner ads reminding them its time for a trim.
  • Turn one-time customers into repeat customers. A special promotion on a certain night of the week might involve enter-to-win contest cards that bring someone to a dedicated page that then reminds them weekly that Wednesday is karaoke night.

Remarketing and geofencing isn’t about bombarding users with unwanted messages wherever they go. The point is to reach more people, not drive them away. About half of individuals visit a website 2-4 times before they actually make a purchase, so you’re simply making it easier for them to find something they needed more time to think about. You’re reaching them when they’re most likely to buy.

If you’re not using Facebook ads and Google AdWords, you really should take a look at them. They are the most direct way to reach your prospects today. Remarketing is a strategy we recommend to compliment AdWords, targeted display ads and content marketing. Call us at 423.710.3866 or email [email protected] for more information.

Written by Steven Stiefel

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