Making Facebook Ads Worthwhile

Facebook, or Meta, is a complex beast. That being said, your target market is inside it. Every market is. You can correctly target interests, behaviors, gender, age, and locations but it’s all for nothing if your prospect is in a different stage of their customer mindset. Depending on what type of customer mindset you are wanting outreach for, these are four possible campaigns we can assist with at Riverworks Marketing.

Cold Audience Facebook Campaign

For cold audience campaigns, RWM can help you find people that fit your target demographics but aren’t familiar with your business. This campaign can serve as a great feeder for other campaigns, so if you’re looking for a place to start this can be it. Your ads in this campaign are going to have broader appeal because your goal is to cast a wide net.

Facebook Campaign for In-Consideration Customers

If your service has a large number of people researching your product, this campaign is perfect for prospects. The goal of the Facebook ads in this campaign is to provide answers to frequent buyer questions and position your product/service as the best option. For service businesses, you could offer a traditional lead magnet (free guide, webinar, checklist, etc) in exchange for an email address.

Warm Audience Facebook Campaign

When you know you have people looking to buy. You can gather these customers’ information from submission forms on your website, for example with a “request a quote” form. Then you can add an Event to the thank you page of the “request a quote” form. Since these prospects are ready to buy, you’ll want to display ads that are hyper-focused on buying. At this stage, your prospect knows they want to buy and it’s just a matter of making it as easy for them as possible.

Facebook Campaign for Existing Customers

For people that have already purchased from you, compile their email addresses and then upload them to Facebook Ads as a Custom Audience. You’ll want to focus on repeat purchases or cross-promotional products and services with this audience. Or you might want to instead focus on retention, referrals, or online reviews. If you’re already generating sales and have a limited budget, then this would be the perfect campaign to start with.

If this all seems very complicated, know you aren’t alone in thinking that. Thankfully at Riverworks Marketing, we have social media experts for all platforms, including Facebook and Meta. Get in touch with us today, and we’d be happy to help you optimize your Facebook Ads with any of these campaigns.