If you're searching "food to go near me," Easy Eats has got you covered!

Easy Eats To Go

COVID-19 has ushered in with it many changes, and navigating them has been a new challenge for all of us. Here at our Chattanooga marketing agency, we noticed the needs of our diverse client base shift– and for some, quite dramatically. Our group of local restaurant clients were heavily impacted by the recommendations for social distancing and local shelter-in-place orders, and our team certainly felt their struggle as we tried to find new, creative ways to serve them during these strange times. 

The Riverworks team had an idea for a website that would work to both support the efforts of local eateries during these uncertain times, and provide an ultra navigable list of restaurants currently offering delivery and curbside services to the Chattanooga community. If you, like so many other Chattanoogans, have been searching “food to go near me,” then Easy Eats will be just the ticket. 

There have been quite a few lists of local restaurants with varying degrees of service information being shared. Publication dates have timed out, things have changed, and sourcing this info has been hard to keep up with. Separately, none of these lists were ever intended to serve as a primary source for restaurant offerings during this pandemic, so their user interfaces were not designed with this particular purpose in mind.

In response to this issue, the Riverworks creative team created a website called Easy Eats To Go, showcasing the Chattanooga area restaurants that are currently open for business, offering to-go food and beverage in one capacity or another. This user-friendly, intuitive site shares listings for local restaurants, menus, contact information, and pick up/delivery options. Listings are easily navigable with options to search either by cuisine type or area of town.

Riverworks hopes this site will help drive more traffic to local businesses within the hospitality industry as they try to navigate this new landscape, while also making it easier for community members to shop small and eat local, while keeping these establishments afloat when their doors must remain closed.

We hope that this contribution to the Chattanooga community will aid in the efforts of these small business owners. We know every bit of exposure they can get is critical right now, and we hope Easy Eats To Go will give Chattanoogans an easy interface to check out who is up and running, and how they can support them.

Restaurant listings are FREE, and all local restaurant owners currently open for business are encouraged to submit their listing information via the form on the site found at easyeatstogo.com.  

Our full-service marketing team has a deep love for this city. We consistently seek ways in which we can be active, lend helping hands, and use our specific skill sets to spur good for our community. This was one small thing we felt we could do to help, and we hope it makes some small difference for our local restaurants and residents alike. Chattanoogans, please consider shopping small, supporting local businesses, and eating some delicious take out from our slew of incredible local eateries while you continue your own versions of social distancing. We’ll get through this together.