Meet our director of web development

For this month’s employee spotlight, we would like to highlight Blake Jones, the full-stack web developer leading our Web Development team. As early as 13, Blake was delving into the world of HTML and CSS, honing his skills in web development. Then, by the time he reached 15, he had built his own computer. He continued expanding his technical knowledge through the years, eventually enrolling in the Digital Media Design and Production program at Chattanooga State Technical College. With a focused emphasis on Web Design, he honed his skills in crafting captivating and user-friendly websites.

As the head of our dedicated web development team, Blake spearheads the creation of cutting-edge websites, maintains existing ones, and manages hosting environments for over 150 businesses. His expertise in his role even extends beyond web development, as he also develops web-based applications and implements API integrations, ensuring seamless functionality and integration with other systems.

With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of web security, he ensures that the websites under his care remain protected against potential threats. Furthermore, Blake willingly extends his support to address general technical issues, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to providing exceptional service to clients and colleagues alike.

One of the biggest new responsibilities in Blake’s position is people management. Instead of just dealing with code, he is also delegating tasks, providing constructive feedback, and maintaining a fun team environment. He shared he tries to remember how he felt when he was in their shoes, and how he wished he had been helped.

Outside of work, Blake cherishes spending free time with his son, Dakota, and his wife. He keeps himself abreast of the latest trends in web development through articles shared by fellow developers on social media platforms and immerses himself in developing personal websites, contributing to open-source projects encompassing CSS libraries, and crafting plug-ins for the CMS, October.

Blake’s journey from an intern to the Director of Web Development at Riverworks Marketing serves as a testament to his dedication, skills, and continuous pursuit of excellence. Blake’s unwavering commitment to his craft and his willingness to go the extra mile make him an invaluable asset to Riverworks Marketing and a shining example for aspiring web developers.