Visual Content Marketing Chattanooga

Riverworks recently launched several websites that take maximum advantage of the clients’ products having exceptional visual appeal.

View our portfolio here.

In designing these websites, Graphic Designer Amy Price and Lead Web Developer Austin VanRider incorporated large slider images and fonts that communicated notions of upscale product placement. Our Social Media and Content Development Manager, Steven Stiefel, contributed several photographs for the sites while also utilizing the rich imagery in social media posts. Our whole team contributed to making these websites extraordinary.

Industrial Farmhouse and Terra Mae represent two clients whose products lend themselves exceptionally well to visual presentation. In fact, text was kept at a minimum on the websites, with short blurbs of information formed in such a way as to give bite-sized ideas to site visitors rather than including long blocks of text on pages. Web pages took on the quality of chapters in a book, each dedicating to forwarding different facets of a single idea. For example, custom furniture design or using farm-fresh ingredients.

The goal with both websites was to give visitors a first impression of these clients that expressed their commitment to quality products for customers who appreciate the very best. In an instant, without a need for excessive verbiage, the viewer intuitively grasps what the website is about and why the story told in the collage of imagery is intriguing.

The viewer cannot resist imagining how delicious the food in the pictures will taste or how the table shown might enhance a room in their own home. This is accomplished by our team researching trends in graphic design, fonts, photography and responsive design that preserves the look regardless of what device the websites are viewed on.

A third website recently completed, Endeiro Capital, is also visually stunning, incorporating a “parallax effect” that creates the illusion of depth. The client’s product, management and investments, is more abstract than a piece of hardwood furniture or a delicious plate of food, yet Riverworks’ designers use spectacular landscape photos as a visual metaphor for the journey of life. It communicates in interesting ways that we are all on a path fraught with risks, choices and opportunities along the way.

Indeed, not all clients will have products that fit so perfectly into an emphasis on visual presentation. Service-oriented companies are more challenging to capture what they do or offer in tangible ways, although core concepts can always find ways to be illustrated in still or moving images.

Visual appeal is a key consideration in much of what we do at Riverworks, from designing web pages and landing pages that are appealing to view and easy to navigate to crafting logos that capture the essence of a brand and laying out pages in publications that take readers/viewers on a stimulating journey for the eyes. Visual content marketing can take many forms, from the cover photo on a Facebook Page to behind-the-scenes photos shared on a company’s Pinterest or Instagram profile.

Images can show business owners doing what they do best, expressing something unique about their product or service, or just giving the public a sense of who they are as persons rather than just companies. Before & After photos, fan contributed photos, and product shots are all great for sharing in social media platforms. These often serve as a catalyst for interactions online that present opportunities to have a conversation and make customers feel as if they are part of a brand.

In summary, while text is critical to communicating the details, high quality photos and graphics are the icing on the cake that whet the appetite to actually take the time to read the text so that the information within can be absorbed by the website visitor.

Take a look at Riverworks’ portfolio to see various ways we use visual content marketing to make appealing websites for Chattanooga Tn businesses, landing pages, logos, and print design: To talk with us about ways we can help promote your business, call us at (423) 710-3866 or email [email protected]

Written by Steven Stiefel