Chattanooga Business Owner

Riverworks Marketing Group began as the brain child and second act to creator, and one half of our fearless leadership, Jackie Errico.

Jackie’s background in sales and marketing gave her a distinct and seasoned perspective for what she wanted in a company. 15 years of national sales management experience within several large foodservice firms paved the way for the strategy and quality of work offered here at Riverworks. Our culture and customer service is all thanks to Jackie’s vision and gumption to take the first step out of her comfort zone 14 years ago.

Since redirecting her career in 2006, Jackie has continued to soar as an enthusiastic marketing professional. She leads our account management team in business strategy and is a Certified Google Partner. Diligent in her efforts to stay abreast of digital advancements, Jackie Errico remains in tune with market research, innovative software, and industry trends, always striving for the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. She is our brain, heart and soul, and it is with her stride that Riverworks pushes forward as the best full-service marketing agency it can be.

Outside of Work

When not focusing on the success of her clients or the next innovative idea, Jackie enjoys hiking mountainside with best friend, Riverworks co-owner, and husband, Steve Errico. She is a caring dog mom to Bernie the rescue pup, an active community member serving on the marketing committee of the Chambliss Center for Children, and a devoted friend to many.

And Jackie supplies more than just professional support to our team, she also provides sustenance. She diligently keeps our team fed with a pantry full of snacks, a box full of gratitude notes and a slew of team outings. From Oktoberfest cookouts and pumpkin carving competitions to team birthday celebrations, Jackie keeps the fun in the forefront. She even had our entire office go head to head in a Chopped challenge, Food Network anyone? (We are not chefs, and it did not end well. We’ll stick to marketing, and leave the cooking to the masters.)

Today, Riverworks employs 13 talented marketing professionals who choose to make their living at a full-service agency that is as much a family as it is a passionate hub of content creation.