Marketing Coordinator

“Working here has not only reinforced some of the things I learned in college while earning my Marketing degree, but it has opened my eyes to a wider view of what online marketing actually is—SEO, Online Ads, Social Media, Websites, Account Management, etc.”

Our Marketing Coordinator, Jake Adams, was raised in Trenton, Georgia with his older brother, Josh. The kids he grew up with in Trenton are still his lifelong friends, and he shares that they have been with him through all his highs and lows.

“Being surrounded by family and friends that support me no matter what I do is something I am very grateful for. Whether it’s supporting me through school or helping me during one of my stupid fitness challenges (there have been quite a few), they are always right by my side holding me accountable!”

After graduating from Dade County High School where he played varsity football and baseball, Jake attended Chattanooga State Community College and earned his Associate’s Degree in Marketing before transferring to Kennesaw State University to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

“That was probably my greatest accomplishment thus far, graduating college with a 4-year degree. Only my brother and myself have achieved that in our family!”

While studying in college, Jake worked as a Sales Consultant and then as an Operations Specialist, managing the outgoing supply for ten different sales routes servicing numerous companies. He also kept himself active, eventually completing a half marathon. Jake’s prior work experience and education combined to create his love for marketing, and upon graduating he moved back to Chattanooga which thankfully brought him to Riverworks.

As a Marketing Coordinator, Jake shares, “One day, I’m working on Google Ads, the next day I’m updating a website, and another day I might be working on billing or helping create content! It’s a great way for me to see how everything operates/what is involved in certain tasks.”

In his free time, Jake pulls for the Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Braves. He enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling, and has always wanted to combine those loves by backpacking through Europe with his older brother. When asked who outside of his family inspires him, he shared that he listens to Mac Miller every day and appreciates the artist’s ability to create music from both accomplishments and struggles.

“For me, I think the thing I value most at Riverworks is the comradery. Everybody is willing to step up to help if a coworker is feeling overwhelmed.”

Jake shared that Riverworks has been such a valuable learning experience for him, but truly Jake is a valuable member for being able to learn it all. He is pulled in multiple directions daily, and Jake always handles it professionally with skill. He’s a valuable asset to the team, and you can be sure that whenever someone needs to step up, chances are it’s Jake.