Chattanooga SEO and Content Specialist

Starting 2020 off with a bang, it is our pleasure to introduce our SEO and content specialist, Lindsey Lowe. A newer member of the Riverworks Marketing team, Lindsey joins us with years of experience in copywriting, branding, and photography. An expert in brand voice and search data, Lindsey has likely whipped the copy on (definitely) your recent blog posts, (likely) electronic newsletter, (mostly) new website, or (absolutely) a recent press release, and any other words near you.

Having recently gained marketing experience with local companies like Subaru and Chattanooga Brewing Co, Lindsey shares a fresh perspective and steadfast commitment to our various clients. She has experience as a news journalist, a copywriter for fortune 500 companies, and she owns her own photography business.  She is full of passion and drive, making her an incredible addition to our growing team.

As our search and content specialist, Lindsey helps us to assess, track, and grow the top-performing keywords for your business, bringing your online presence to the forefront of your industry. Being mindful of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in everything you do can be a powerful tactic when it comes to gaining organic search traction, working towards Page 1 of Google. Lindsey has a hand in the blueprint of your website, the copy on each page, enhanced search opportunities through blogs, offsite directory listings, backlinking, and all the seedy backend stuff that lets Google know… we know what we’re doing.

Content Creation + SEO

Well-implemented SEO doesn’t feel forced. By taking a holistic approach, our team makes sure that your business’ organic search results improve with Search Engine Optimization… organically.

Lindsey brings an additional array of assets as our incredible on-staff photographer. From product shoots to lifestyle photography, Lindsey’s years of experience as a freelance photographer and small business owner give her the edge, helping to showcase your brand in the very best light.

Lover of a freshwater swimming hole, chlorinated pool, or large body of saltwater, Lindsey ensures your approach to SEO, content creation, and photography is holistic and on-brand.

“I think the innate correlation between content creation and photography speaks to the bigger picture of branding as a whole. Having a well-rounded and intentional brand voice makes an impact, from tagline to image to keyword,” Lindsey said. “All elements working in harmony– that’s what we should always aim for.”


We know marketing is all about the message. There are a myriad of ways to transmit a message to potential clients, and wordsmithing aside, Lindsey brings to our team the ability to use photography as yet another tool for communicating to the customer. And a powerful tool it is.

“Beautiful imagery is a hair-trigger way for you to connect with your audience, to set the tone for your brand or business. So, don’t squander that opportunity! Make a bang,” Lindsey said.

Best Mom Ever

In addition to being a Great British Baking show level home baker, Lindsey is also a single mom to an incredible 12-year-old boy named Cohen. Always up for a new adventure, she knows the benefit of working hard and playing hard and is always sure to bring a whole lot of fun to her commitments.

Lindsey, from all of us here at Riverworks Marketing, we thank you for your skill, passion, and baked goods. You’re the pepper to our salt, and have completed our team of fierce marketers!