Get Professional Head Shots Taken
Why You Need a Professional Headshot

When it comes to first impressions, especially as they pertain to our professional lives, there are many benefits to presenting yourself in a polished, positive way. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or your company’s intriguingly human “About Our Team” page, professional headshots are not reserved for the entertainment industry.

Our entire team just had new headshots taken, so it felt like a fitting time to talk about why every professional needs a great headshot. *Stay tuned as we reveal some exciting Riverworks news, alongside our beautiful mugs.

So here are six reasons why you need a professional headshot.

1– A quality headshot demonstrates your professionalism. Let’s be honest, a photo can speak volumes. A great photo of you can really convey your professionalism to potential employers and clients alike. Show them you mean business.

2– A quality headshot gives people an idea of who you are before they meet you. Other key players in your industry can glean a lot about you from your professional headshot. Your images can show your personality while also demonstrating to those who see it that you are serious about what you do.

3– A quality headshot (that’s current) lets people see what you look like. Keeping your professional headshot up to date is important for when you do have business meetings. When someone has seen an old image of you, they can be taken off guard upon actually meeting you in person. This can create a disconnect– even if subconsciously– and even send a message of inauthenticity.

4– A quality headshot helps with networking. Your headshot has the power to jog the memory of contacts met in passing, and can help you more readily secure opportunities that involve them in the future. Help them put a face with the name with a standout professional headshot!

5– A quality headshot can help make you stand out in a sea of candidates on LinkedIn or in other job search arenas. It’s just one step further you can go to wow people. You take time to keep your resume and portfolio updated, you invest time and energy into writing compelling cover letters, so why not top it all off with a great headshot?

6– You can showcase your unique personality with headshots that are just the right amount of quirky. Your headshot doesn’t have to be super buttoned and zipped. Maybe you go for a more relaxed vibe for your shots depending on what industry to work in or the application of the photos at hand. These professional photos represent an opportunity for you to inject a little life and fun into your professional profiles and/or the team page on your website. Lifestyle photography can work wonders by humanizing your business, and showing clients just how personable you can be. Give them an idea of what it will be like to work with you!

So now you know why we think professional headshots are paramount. Are you convinced?

If you and/or your team is in need of updated professional headshots, Riverworks can help with that. We have two photographers and a few rockin’ graphic designers on staff who can ensure strong images to help drive you and your company toward greater success in your industry. Think about what makes sense for you be that an outdoor setting with natural light, or a more studio-style professional portrait. We are set up to accommodate you either way.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your new professional headshots! We’d love to work with you.