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Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to our blog! If you’re just now joining us, this is a continuation of our previous blog on why SEO is important for your business. If you haven’t read part one of our series, we suggest that you go back and do so now.

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At Riverworks Marketing, we help dozens of businesses make sure that their website’s SEO is as targeted as possible. Making sure that people are able to find your website when they search for things related to your business is one of the main reasons to even have a website, meaning that paying attention to your websites SEO is key. Below, we have listed out a few of the ways that we help our clients make sure that their website is strong from an SEO stance.

Quality SEO Content

In the early days of SEO, simply placing specific keywords on a web page was enough for a search engine to determine whether or not that page was relevant to a specific search term. While this was great (read, easy) for businesses, it led to a major issue.

Website owners quickly learned that the more times a particular keyword was inserted into a webpage, the more likely it was that a search engine would deem that page relevant from an SEO perspective. This led to websites stuffing a particular keyword as many times as they could in a page in order to encourage a search engine to rank them higher on a search results page. While good for the business, this was not good for the end user. Often, people would be delivered search results that, while tangentially related to what they were looking for, were more often than not irrelevant to what they actually hoped to find.

To mitigate this issue, search engines had to adapt. Rather quickly, search engine algorithms were updated so that websites were penalized if they were simply stuffing keywords into web pages in order to rank higher. Instead of placing a high level of importance on keywords, search engines instead shifted to the idea that the content of the page was just as important, if not more so than the keywords in the page. This isn’t to say that keywords were no longer important, they were simply no longer the major metric by which web pages were ranked in the search engine results page.

When producing content for a website, making sure that what is being said around the keyword is relevant and valuable to users is just as important as making sure to include the keyword.

Get Those Reviews Up

Before the rise of the internet as a major marketing tool, word of mouth advertising was one of the most successful ways that a business could build their customer base. While this still holds true today, the way that people receive these word of mouth referrals has changed.

We are going to go out on a limb here and assume that the majority of people reading this post have at one point in their life looked up a review pertaining to a business. These online reviews became an easy way for people to see what other people were saying about a business, influencing their decision on whether or not to give said business their money.

Now, at first, these reviews were nice to have, but not necessarily important from an SEO perspective. In the past few years, though, reviews have become a major force when it comes to SEO strategy. Major search engines are placing more emphasis on online reviews as a way to provide their users with businesses and products that not only match what they have searched for, but that have been vetted by other customers. Maintaining a strong review presence online is no longer a neat addition to a website, it is a necessity.

Join us again next time as we conclude our blog series and explain how, in the long run, SEO can actually work to save your business money.

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