Connection Equals Emotion

Maya Angelou once wrote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


It’s true. A good poem stirs something inside of the reader, tapping into emotions deeper and more meaningful than the shallow façade of daily life. A song from childhood can instantly transport us back to a nostalgic feeling that stirs old memories of feeling pleasure, security, hope, pride, trust, serenity, or empathy. For people to think, they must first feel.


At Riverworks, we strive to create content and products that reach audiences on an emotional level for Chattanooga TN businesses, whether it is…


…Copywriting that points out the gut-level benefits of a client’s product/service,


…Web Design that immediately evokes the desired ambiance of a client’s venue,


… Social Media updates that make people laugh or think enough to crave more from the messenger,


…Graphic design that inspires confidence in a client’s competence, or


…Imagery that truly replaces a thousand words with a single idea of clarity.


Each client presents a unique opportunity to tell a story that breaks the complex into the simple, the elusive concept into the tangible illustration. When we sit down at the table with a client, we listen to what they tell us while the gears in our heads turn, envisioning the message that’s needed and the best way to tell it.


People want to know about the spark of inspiration that, for example, led Kenny Higdon to start 5 Star Home Care after seeing how his own mother struggled to find someone she could trust to help his aging grandmother and ultimately took on the role of caregiver herself.


People want to know how TerraMae Chef Shelley Cooper’s curiosity about other cultures gives her unique insight into creating unique yet familiar foods that deliciously connect the dots of her experiences traveling the world. They want to know how Nathan Lindley paired the concepts of good, southern food with a relaxing setting where friendly service is one of the ingredients in his box of recipes.


People want to know how StoneFort Inn or Christmas Farm Inn and Spa provide much-needed romance and nostalgia that recharge our emotional batteries.


People want to know how a piece of furniture from EF Brannon or Industrial Farmhouse will inspire compliments from guests and move them closer to the ideal lifestyle they envision for themselves. They want to know they are in good hands trusting Longwood Veterinary to care for a beloved pet.


People want to know how a product or service can help them fend off boredom, disappointment, stress, anxiety, or self-doubt. People want to know that companies care.


Marketing goes beyond simply broadcasting advertising messages. It is fundamental to the customer experience, from the first gut impression of a brand to the word-of-mouth shared afterward. Increasingly, the stories that customers tell about their experiences with a brand are the most powerful. The struggle these days is to resonate in ways that make something worthy of being talked about in positive ways.


There’s so much noise, it’s challenging to become a relevant part of conversations.


Riverworks specializes in serving small- to medium-sized companies. We use that to their advantage as they compete against the cold, monolithic corporations of the business world. Entrepreneurs can take calculated creative risks to stand out from the crowd. That’s where we come in to advise them and craft messages to entertain and inform.


Call us at (423) 710-3866 or send an email to [email protected] if you want to talk about translating your company’s goals into language and form that has deeper meaning to others.

Written by Steven Stiefel