Cory Horne is our social media marketing specialist, and it's his job and joy to stay up to date on all things digital.

Social Media Marketing

Riverworks’ Social Media Specialist extraordinaire, Cory Horne provides our clients and staff with the latest and greatest in all things Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and more! In the vast world of social media marketing, online networking, promotions, job postings, reviews and sales is an ever-expanding web of advancements, changes, and updates… and it’s Cory’s job and joy to know it all.

Have you ever had an unfair review, scandalous photo, inappropriate comment, or angry message come through on one of your business profiles? (Don’t worry– You are certainly not alone.) Chances are, Cory is the guy behind the helm helping your business through those tricky scenarios with a diplomatic grace. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Cory grew up with six siblings, an experience that no doubt forged him into an easy-going, level guy poised to handle anything thrown his way. Lucky for us, and our clients, this trait lends itself quite well to his current role.

Cory studied Business Administration at Chattanooga State, and has leveraged this knowledge to help him craft social content and track analytics in marketing-focused roles. Armed with creativity, he helps our customers craft content for social media, run successful ads, promote new jobs, push sales, get leads, funnel followers into customers, and keep everything in line with the ever-changing standards for your social media profiles from week to week. Cory keeps a lot of plates in the air, and he does it well.

“At RWM, we are able to offer our clients daily social media management while also creating results-driven ad campaigns that use all of the industry’s leading tools and KPIs,” Cory said.

Here at Riverworks Marketing, we believe in the power of a strong brand that permeates everything a business does. That intentional branding trickles down from logo to messaging to the way they interact with people online. Cory, along with the rest of our creative team, works hard to use social platforms to drive business while also bolstering brands in positive ways through well-crafted, well-placed digital content.

“We understand the importance of brand voice and reputation, and we have the skills required to harness social as a powerful tool for keeping all things trending positively for our customers,” Cory said.

Cory enjoys the work environment at RWM, particularly as it pertains to creative collaboration. “Working with this team has been an amazing experience,” he said. “Going from doing many jobs on my own as a freelancer to brainstorming and getting feedback from a team of creative experts has been unbelievably beneficial.”

He also said he loves being able to work for a business that consistently puts customers first. “Our entire team cares, and that makes all the difference,” he said. “We show up every day asking ‘how can we better serve our clients today?’ and that is the driving force behind what we do.”

When he’s not busy piecing together videos and clever ad content for RWM customers, Cory enjoys all things cars and photography, as well as outdoor activities and camping with his wife, Haley. He also has a deeply-ingrained entrepreneurial spirit evidenced in his knack for flipping items– like vintage camera gear– and selling them on eBay for a little extra cash.

He is driven, focused, and as even keel as they come. We’re proud to have him on staff, and look forward to creating many more engaging social campaigns together.